Employee benefits

At Energi Danmark, good working conditions and attractive employee benefits are highly prioritised. We focus on health both within and outside the workplace and we also arrange social events that bring employees together.

Physical and psychological working environment

A good physical and psychological working environment is important for the health and wellbeing of employees. At Energi Danmark we continuously work to create the best possible working environment. This reduces occupational injuries and increases job satisfaction. Read more about our employee satisfaction surveys and physical and psychological workplace assessments here.


Health insurance

All Energi Danmark employees are members of a health scheme which ensures rapid access to chiropractors, physiotherapists and psychologists, among others. This means that all employees are ensured the quickest possible treatment in the event of acute illness.

An active workplace

Being active is the best way to achieve high efficiency and reduce occupational injuries. Energi Danmark also supports healthy lifestyles and offers the chance to participate in a range of physical activities.

For a number of years, Energi Danmark has been participating in the DHL relay, which, in addition to providing excellent exercise, also allows us to meet colleagues across departments.

We have an annual cycling campaign, in which we encourage employees to cycle to work for a month. Energi Danmark generally supports health-promoting activity initiatives.

Excellent opportunities for spending time with colleagues and their families.

Staff association creates unity

Throughout the year, the staff association invites all employees based in Denmark to attend a number of activities to promote good relationships between employees across the various departments.

There have been a broad range of previous events including cinema visits, wine-tasting, go-karting and coach trips to international football matches. The staff association also arranges an annual summer trip either to Djurs Sommerland or Legoland, which employees and their families are invited to join.

Staff association events are excellent opportunities for spending time with colleagues and their families and provide ample opportunity to meet some of the colleagues you do not speak to every day.