Our Consultancy Services

At Energi Danmark we always have a focus on the value-creating collaboration with our customers and we are willing to go the extra mile for each individual customer. Our experienced consultants take the lead and open up opportunities for your company in the international energy markets.

We are also happy to make our specialists available for a no-obligation meeting in which we jointly seek to identify the risk profile and energy products that are relevant to your company. 

"We strive to always put ourselves in the place of the customer to understand the needs and desires of the company. We pride ourselves on our consistent flexibility. Moreover, we have a wide range of electricity products that are continuously developed to meet the diverse requirements of our customers."

Energi Danmark

We have the strength and experience to solve all of the challenges relating to electricity purchasing faced by our customers. We are familiar with the various risks and can therefore take these into account in individual customer agreements.
Energi Danmark
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