One Stop Shop

The One Stop Shop concept is a solution for companies with branches in more than one country within the Nordic region and Germany. One Stop Shop is the result of a collaboration between five countries. The parent company, Energi Danmark A/S, headquartered in Denmark and the subsidiaries based in Northern Europe: Energi Försäljning Sverige AB in Sweden, Energia Myynti Suomi Oy in Finland, Energi Salg Norge AS in Norway and Energie Vertrieb Deutschland EVD GmbH in Germany. 

One Stop Shop allows your company to buy energy for all Nordic and German branches in one place.

Our mission is to make it easier for companies with branches in several countries to buy energy and, not least, to gather the necessary information in one place. By sharing knowledge between our branches, we ensure that we can offer a simple and professional solution to customers' specific energy requirements.

One Stop Shop provides you with:

  • One place to buy electricity
  • A simple solution to your energy requirements
  • A comprehensive overview of the four Nordic countries and Germany.
  • Knowledge-sharing between the Nordic countries and Germany
  • Customer service in the preferred language for your branch

We consider ourselves to be a strong and reliable partner. With more than 20 years of experience within the energy industry, we have thorough knowledge of the energy sector, energy trading, risk management, portfolio management and the balance between production and consumption.

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