Across borders

Mia Hansson is the Administrative Sales Manager with Energi Försäljning Sverige (EFS), and she has 16 years' experience in the energy industry. Mia is responsible for ensuring that the partnership between the Swedish subsidiary and the parent company runs as smoothly as possible.

"Cooperation is very important when you have divisions in several countries. We draw on the whole of our back office in Denmark, and I am in daily contact with both Energi Danmark's Finance Department and Customer Desk which service our sales functions and customers. I deal with a wide range of issues, including, for example, optimisation of settlement programmes, invoice review and electricity price issues," explains Mia.

There is a great synergy effect to be derived from the fact that we have a presence in five countries with administration in a single location. Our customers know the kind of service they can expect so they feel confident about extending the partnership beyond these national boundaries. It is also an advantage that we monitor the market in all four countries so that we are able to respond quickly to our customers' requirements.
Mia Hansson, Administrative Sales Manager in Energi Försäljning Sverige

"It is important for our customers to know that we are able to handle their risk. We enter into contracts with major Swedish customers who want us to manage their whole electricity purchasing portfolio. This is why we also have Swedish Portfolio Managers who are employed with Energi Danmark Securities. They purchase electricity when the market is favourable, which gives our customers a sense of security," says Mia and continues:

"The partnership therefore benefits all of the Energi Danmark Group's customers - both those who only buy electricity in one country and those who have electricity requirements in more countries," emphasises Mia Hansson.

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