Bogense Plast

Bogense Plast A/S has more than 35 years’ experience in the development, production and delivery of injection-moulded plastic components. The company has 75 employees and a large part of the production is for export. Bogense Plast has had Energi Danmark as electricity supplier for more than 10 years. Jesper Ove-Bisgaard has been responsible for the company’s electricity purchases for almost 4 years.

Bogense Plast has chosen to cover its energy consumption with a Fixed Price agreement because they want to know the cost when the delivery period starts.

To buy electricity is a question of trust and partnership
Jesper Ove-Bisgaard, Bogense Plast
Having a Fixed Price agreement makes it easier to set up a budget for each month”, says Jesper Ove-Bisgaard and points out the transparency in the cooperation. “We know exactly how our price is put together and there are no hidden factors.
Jesper Ove-Bisgaard, Bogense Plast

Bogense Plast purchases its electricity in several instalments due to volatile electricity prices. Energi Danmark monitors the developments constantly and contacts Jesper Ove-Bisgaard when the prices are favourable. That way he can decide if there is a need for further hedging.

Besides getting the timing right, the purchase of electricity is also a matter of trust. Trust that Energi Danmark can monitor the market and offer the right price. At the same time, it is also a matter of having a good chemistry so we can get the best out of the partnership.
Jesper Ove-Bisgaard
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