Knudsen Plast A/S

Energi Danmark has the largest El Pool solution on the electricity market. This provides us with security regarding the planning of our budget.
Jørgen Wad Johansen, CFO at Knudsen Plast A/S

Knudsen Plast Safeguards its Competitive Position

Since 1977, Knudsen Plast has produced plastics solutions for the healthcare sector. The company is based in Frederiksværk and has 75 employees. In cooperation with its production unit in Slovakia, Knudsen Plast manufactures components for the Nordic and European healthcare sector.

Since 2004, Energi Danmark has supplied electricity for the manufacturing at Knudsen Plast. The partnership builds on the popular 70/30 combination where 70 % of the electricity purchase is an El Pool agreement and the rest is a Spot agreement.

The strategy behind choosing El Pool is that Energi Danmark gathers all purchases together and fixes the price by the beginning of the year. This means that Knudsen Plast does not have to devote time and effort to understanding the complex energy market. “We are not interested in speculating,” says Jørgen Wad Johansen. “Our electricity consumption is a primary factor when it comes to international competitiveness so the goal is to minimise the risk of price increases.”

The combined agreement ensures that risk is spread as the Spot agreemet cancels out other charges (PSO). In this way, Knudsen Plast prevents large fluctuations in costs and the CFO is satisfied with the agreement.

Jørgen Wad Jørgensen often consults with Energi Danmark and he finds the advice very professional. We have a constructive and close dialogue with Energi Danmark, who know our needs – both in the short and in the long run”, he says. Furthermore, Jørgen Wad Johansen also emphasises the fact that Energi Danmark also focuses on energy-saving initiatives.

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