Welcon A/S

The cooperation with Energi Danmark has provided us with better insights into the electricity market and, at the same time, we have reduced our costs.
Johnny Skov, Executive at Welcon A/S

Qualified Consultancy Creates Overview for Welcon A/S

Welcon A/S is a subcontractor to some of the large manufacturers of wind turbines and produces all types of welded and finished steel constructions. The family-owned company has 45 years of experience in the steel industry and employs almost 250 people. On a daily basis, Johnny Skov is responsible for purchase, sales and finance.

Johnny Skov explains that Welcon chose Energi Danmark due to a combination of expert advice about the electricity market and the possible pitfalls and the competitive price. Through positive and close dialogue, Welcon gets continuous guidance and profit from Energi Danmark’s overview of the current developments in the electricity market.

It gives me confidence to know that Energi Danmark is always monitoring the market and looking out for my interests. For instance, one morning I was contacted by Energi Danmark regarding a tremendous increase in the electricity prices. Having this knowledge, we were able to adjust the production and turn down our electricity consumption in the hours in question. This saved us a lot of very expensive MWh,” Johnny Skov points out.

Through ongoing dialogue with Energi Danmark, Welcon has become more familiar with the electricity market and now knows more about which products suit the company and its risk profile the best. Johnny Skov explains that Welcon A/S originally signed an agreement with 50 % of the purchase covered as Fixed Price and the rest covered as Spot. Through a continuous dialogue with Energi Danmark the agreement was later modified due to decreasing prices.

“When we had chosen our product combination, we were contacted by Energi Danmark because the price for the contract period decreased. Therefore, we decided to convert our agreement to 75 % Fixed Price and 25 % Spot. Our philosophy is that since we offer fixed prices to our own customers, we would also like to deal with fixed prices with our suppliers”, says Johnny Skov.

We consult with Energi Danmark on a regular basis and value the positive relationship and dialogue which has resulted in a better overview and a better basis for decisions concerning our electricity purchases.
Johnny Skov, Executive at Welcon A/S
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