Energy & Society

The Energi Danmark Group is conscious of its social responsibility. Our business is based on healthy and responsible business activities. We want to contribute to society through the creation of jobs and consideration of nature and the environment as well as by supporting projects involving future generations. The Energi Danmark Group works continuously to develop products and services that we identify a need for, now and in the future. With this focus on the future, we will contribute to sustainable societal growth, which can also provide additional business value for our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Regulation power in wind turbines

During spring 2016, Energi Danmark launched a new product for its wind turbine customers, allowing the turbines to participate in the regulation power market. The product is an important part of the company's sustainable focus as it makes it more attractive to own a wind turbine while also ensuring optimal utilisation of the wind energy in the grid.

The regulation power market is used by to maintain the physical balance in the grid, hour by hour. During operating hours when there is a surplus of electricity in the grid, electricity producers have the option to buy back their planned electricity production at a price lower than the spot price. In other words, electricity producers are offered a prize for the downward regulation of their planned electricity production.


Regulation power for wind turbines is aimed at both existing and new customers. Energi Danmark's subsidiary, Energi Danmark Vind, also participates in the regulation power market with its own turbines. However, the possibility of regulation power is mainly relevant to new turbines, in which the technology allows Energi Danmark to access the turbine data.

Regulation power for wind turbines allows Energi Danmark to future-proof the Group. Everything indicates that the volume of renewable sources of energy will grow in the future and, all else being equal, this would increase the need for electricity production that can be regulated. In the event that regulation power requirements are introduced in future, Energi Danmark will be in a strong position in the market. Energi Danmark hopes that more existing and new customers will make use of the product.

The demand for regulation power has grown in line with a greater proportion of electricity production being supplied from renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar. In order to maintain the balance between electricity consumption and electricity production in the grid, it is more relevant than ever before to regulate electricity production during the operating day.
Anders Møller Sørensen, Account Manager, Wind Power