People & Qualifications

At the Energi Danmark Group, our most important resource is our employees and, in order to prepare for the future, it is essential for our employees to have the energy skills of the future. We therefore prioritise supporting employees' skills development and maintain a good, efficient working environment.

We want to create a working environment in which employees can excel and also develop and strengthen professional and personal skills. The Energi Danmark Group aims to be a good place to work, where employees are inspired and motivated to do their best. We have a continuous focus on employee satisfaction, professionally and socially.

It is a young and informal organisation undergoing rapid development. There is a great extent of freedom with responsibility and a lot of possibilities. If you like, you can have an impact on your own position and there is no limit to how far you can get.
Lotte Foged Pedersen, ERP-, Lean- & Process Responsible