As an electricity producer, you can sell your electricity in the free energy market. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to determine when it is most appropriate to produce, as prices and conditions are subject to constant change. A collaboration with a production balance manager is therefore essential to hedge earnings.

At Energi Danmark, we are experts in planning and advice for electricity production and we can help you with management, advice and optimisation for your electricity production. Our portfolio includes some of the largest electricity producers in the country.

As a production balance manager, we provide you with the best advice in the market for the planning of electricity and heating production. We hedge the price and provide risk management, and our PBA-software ensures that you are equipped to optimise your operations and earnings in the best manner possible.

Our employees monitor the developments in the electricity and energy markets 24/7 and, thanks to our many years of experience as a production balance manager, we are experts in the analysis of movements.

Our clients include:

Municipal waste plants

Biomass plants

Central power plants

Combined heat and power plants (CHP)

Industrial power plants

Nursery gardens

Electrical heat boilers

Backup generators

Wind turbines

Solar power (PV)

Nørager Heating Plant

”We are very satisfied with the cooperation and we always get useful and professional advice.” Ellegaard Larsen, Chairman for Nørager Heating Plant.

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Gråsten District Heating

”At Energi Danmark, you are guaranteed expert professional advice”. Peter Mikael Stærdahl, Plant Manager at Gråsten District Heating.

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Nykøbing Sjælland Heating Plant

“The forecasts from Energi Danmark are always of high quality and they provide us with valuable input.” Klaus Hansen, Plant Manager at Nykøbing Sj. Heating Plant.

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”Close cooperation between Energi Danmark’s 24/7 on-call service and our control room makes it easy to get expert advice.” Niels Kallehauge, Plant Manager at KARA/NOVEREN.

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