Gråsten Fjernvarme

Consultancy Results in Operating Advantages for Gråsten District Heating

Gråsten District Heating was founded in 1956, has three employees and supplies heating for 1,300 consumers in Gråsten on a daily basis. Since 2008, the plant has sold electricity on the free market via Energi Danmark. Subsequently, the cooperation has been extended to include delivery of gas from Energi Danmark to the plant.

The guidance and forecasts help the district heating plant to maintain the most optimal method of operation while they get a good price for their electricity production.

“For a district heating plant, it is all about optimising the production of heat and electricity in order to get the two parameters to match”, explains Peter Mikael Stærdahl. When he schedules the plant’s heat and electricity production, he does it on the basis of advice and detailed forecasts from Energi Danmark.


At Energi Danmark, you are guaranteed expert professional advice – even if you are a smaller heating plant.
Peter Mikael Stærdahl, Plant Manager at Gråsten District Heating

Peter Mikael Stærdahl emphasises that both the price forecasts and the reporting system are easy to use. Thanks to these tools, the scheduling of the operation has been optimised and the costs reduced.

However, the cooperation is about more than just reduction of costs. “It is important to have good chemistry between business partners because communication is based on trust and credibility”, says Peter Mikael Stærdahl. He is very satisfied with the advice from Energi Danmark and highlights the fact that everything is always explained in detail. He appreciates the fact that Energi Danmark regularly gets in contact with him to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

About the consultancy, Peter Mikael Stærdahl says: “Energi Danmark puts a lot of energy into the cooperation. I feel that they are only satisfied when I am”.

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