Easy access to expert advice for KARA/NOVEREN

”Close cooperation between Energi Danmark’s 24/7 on-call service and our control room makes it easy to get expert advice.” Niels Kallehauge, Plant Manager at KARA/NOVEREN.

KARA/NOVEREN has two ultramodern combined heat and power (CHP) plants that produce both district heating and electricity. The CHP plant that produces electricity and heating by waste incineration has 37 employees and about 100,000 customers.

Niels Kallehauge has been Plant Manager since 2010 and he explains that KARA/NOVEREN benefits greatly from Energi Danmark’s support. He finds that Energi Danmark is very aware of the needs of the CHP plant, for instance when it comes to registration of production which gives him peace of mind.


The counselling from Energi Danmark and especially the 24/7 on-call service saves us time in our daily work. There is a close cooperation between the on-call service and our control room which makes it easy to get expert advice. Also, Energi Danmark contacts us if it suddenly costs money to produce or in the event of production shutdown. In that case, Energi Danmark helps us cover what we need by intraday trading.
Niels Kallehauge

KARA/NOVEREN has also had an unexpected advantage of being customer at Energi Danmark. Concerning carbon emission, the CHP plant must pay for carbon emissions but Niels Kallehauge lacked advice and knowledge about carbon allowances when he had to establish a strategy for purchasing.

“We have a really efficient cooperation with the employees in Energi Danmark’s Trading Department. They provide expert advice about when it is most beneficial for us to buy carbon allowances. Together we have made a strategy for our carbon purchases so we buy at the most optimal times,” concludes Niels Kallehauge.

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