Karup Heating Plant

On-Call Service Brings Value to Karup Heating Plant

“If the electricity prices increase, the Energi Danmark on-call service helps us change the registration of our production giving us a chance to profit by the increased prices.” Jens Jørgen Maagaard, Plant Manager at Karup Heating Plant

Karup Heating Plant is a modern, smaller CHP plant which supplies heating for about 800 consumers. Jens Jørgen Maagaard is Plant Manager and has had the main responsibility for the plant’s operations in almost 30 years. The plant which has a gas engine had a solar panel system installed in order to be less dependent on the natural gas and to give the plant a more environmentally friendly profile.

The main reason for choosing to cooperate with Energi Danmark in 2009 was the competent and professional employees always bearing in mind the heating plant’s needs.

I’m especially satisfied with the on-call service. If the electricity price increases, the employees from the on-call service contact us to see if we can change our registration. Even if I have already registered our production they help us change it giving us a chance to take advantage of the increased prices. It can also happen that I forget to register our production but the on-call service is always ready to help me.
Jens Jørgen Maagaard, Plant Manager

Karup Heating Plant also registers the production for Kølvrå Heating Plant. The registration is done via the PBA software. Jens Jørgen Maagaard explains that the close contact to Energi Danmark’s Production & Balance Department proves to be valuable for the heating plant.

“I’m very content with the contact to the Production & Balance Department. When they visit us, there is always time to follow up on our agreement and ask questions which gives me peace of mind,” he says and continues:

“The visit is also a possibility for us to see the latest features in the PBA software – a system that is easy to use and very intuitive,” concludes Jens Jørgen Maagaard.

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