Nørager Heating Plant

Useful Advice for Unstaffed Heating Plant

”We are very satisfied with the cooperation and we always get useful and professional advice.” Ellegaard Larsen, Chairman for Nørager Heating Plant.

Nørager Heating Plant is a smaller unstaffed heating plant which produces about 10,000 MW per year and supplies electricity to about 450 consumers. The plant consists of two engines, and the daily supervision is conducted by Industrivarme. Industrivarme handles the daily contact with Energi Danmark’s 24/7 on-call service and is responsible for registering production plans.

Ellegaard Larsen has been Chairman for Nørager Heating Plant since 2009 and he has been part of the board for about 30 years. As Chairman, he is very happy with the cooperation with Energi Danmark which started in 2007.

“The cooperation has been impeccable, and when we contact Energi Danmark whether it is the on-call service or any of the analysts in the Production & Balance Department, we always get a quick and useful response”, Ellegaard Larsen explains and elaborates:

“We only produce electricity when it is profitable. Therefore, it happens that Energi Danmark contacts us to adjust the registration in collaboration with Industrivarme if the price level drops below the break-even price."

As Chairman for the heating plant, Ellegaard Larsen has a good dialogue with Energi Danmark’s analysts and sales representatives who gladly stop by Nørager Heating Plant and tell about Energi Danmark’s software for production planning or how the energy market works.

As chairman, you are not in contact with operations on a daily basis. That is why it is nice having Energi Danmark’s employees teach us about the software for production planning or the development of the market in case we need it. This could be when we have a new member on the board.
Ellegaard Larsen, Chairman at Nørager Heating Plant
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