Wind turbine owner Henrik Lisby

Net Fixed Price Gives Security for Owner of Wind Turbines

Finances and flexibility are important reasons for choosing Energi Danmark. Of course, we want as high a price for our electricity as possible.
Henrik Lisby, Production Manager at Østergård Hovedgård

Østergård Hovedgård is a large farm located north of Skive. The farm has 32 power turbines and has delivered electricity to Energi Danmark since 2009. The cooperation is based on a Fixed Price agreement in which the supplier always knows the value of the electricity delivered.

Henrik Lisby considers the agreement with Energi Danmark an advantage in his daily work. Net Fixed Price means that we do not have to worry about possible balance costs”, he explains. Østergård Hovedgård also avoids so-called negative prices; in other words when the supplier risks having to pay for the electricity if the wind turbines are running despite low electricity consumption.

Having a Net Fixed Price agreement means that Energi Danmark takes on the risk – and not the supplier – letting Energi Danmark worry about the fluctuating market prices. "They do the calculations every hour, giving us time to focus on the operations”, he stresses.

The Production Manager benefits from Energi Danmark’s comprehensive knowledge of the energy sector. “I get excellent personal advice from Energi Danmark. Moreover, I regularly receive suggestions for financial improvements; so even though the price is fixed, the agreement is flexible”, says Henrik Lisby.

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