Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds

In 2017, Energi Danmark decided to issue a 3-year corporate bond for a total of 750 million DKK.

The issue was successfully completed in June 2017 and details regarding the issue can be found here:

Final Terms and conditions

Market Information for Investors

Energi Danmark wants to provide the capital markets with open, credible and correct information about the Group’s activities and financial development. Therefore, you can find links to:

Company description

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Annual reports and sustainability reports

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Articles of Association

Financial calendar

Certified Advisor: Nordea Bank Danmark A/S




Board of Directors:

Chairman, CEO Jesper Hjulmand, SEAS-NVE
Deputy chairman, CEO Martin Romvig, Eniig
CEO Jacob Vittrup, NRGi
CEO Lars Bonderup Bjørn, EWII
CEO Anders J. Banke, SEF Energi
CEO Jens Otto Veile

Executive Board:

CEO, Jørgen Holm Westergaard*
CFO, Jesper Nybo Stenager*

* Registered executive board at the Danish Business Authority