Our activities

Knowledge of the market is our core expertise

The core expertise of the Energi Danmark Group is our knowledge of the international energy markets.
Knowledge that helps create value for both the group and its customers.


The Energi Danmark Group wishes to deliver the best possible service and make the best possible products available to its customers; including both electricity consumers and electricity producers. This takes place based on our extensive knowledge of the market, ensuring that customers always receive the solution that is best suited to their needs and risk profile.

When it comes to energy trading, the Energi Danmark Group has developed a strong team of dedicated traders who trade electricity and gas across national borders every single day of the year. They move electricity from areas with excess electricity to areas with less electricity, thereby optimising earnings.

The energy markets experience constant change, and it is therefore essential to always keep a finger on the pulse and be abreast of the most recent developments in the energy markets. Our Trading department keeps a keen eye on the latest developments at all times, and the Energi Danmark Group is therefore a leader when it comes to knowledge of the European energy markets. We use this knowledge to create value for our customers.

The success of the Group is dependent upon talented and professional employees, as well as flexible and scalable systems. Dedicated employees and IT systems that can quickly be adapted to manage new products, processes and markets are crucial to be able to create professional and tailored solutions.