Student Assistant and thesis student

Jesper Wessel is employed as Student Assistant in our Customers department. A position that requires both all-round skills and a good overview. Meanwhile Jesper is also about to finish his thesis in technology based business development in cooperation with Energi Danmark.

Name: Jesper Wessel

Technical engineer from Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering. Currently studying a Master in technology based business development

Position: Student Assistant

Employed since: August 2017

What I do

- My tasks as Student Assistant varies a lot and two days are never the same. My primary task is to support our customers contact persons with their work. The work involves everything from analysis of technical and economical subjects to internal process optimisations.

My thesis

- The knowledge I have gained by working at Energi Danmark is quite fundamental to my thesis. By working at Energi Danmark and especially in a department with focus on production customers, I have gained in-depth knowledge. This knowledge is not only within the technical aspects but is also a good understanding of the mindset of our production customers. This combination has really been of great value when writing my thesis.

My key strengths

To be successful in the position as Student Assistant you need to have all-round skills. Because of the many touchpoints it is necessary to have a knowledge of many different subjects. Furthermore, it is an important requisite that you are able to put yourself in the customers place and quickly be able to manage an issue. It is also important that you can find the essence of a challenge and are able to present it in an understandable way.

What I can use from my education as technical engineer is the analytical approach, the fundamental approach that processes should and have to be optimised continually, and finally the eager to learn new. The new learning can be very varying from e.g. economical and financial conditions, coding and technical solutions to general business culture.

I see it as great advantage for myself as well as my future employer that I both have an understanding of the energy and supply sector on a strategic and operational level, as well as having the skills to work with the technical aspects.
Jesper Wessel, Student Assistant

What I especially like about my job

- What I value the most are my colleagues. People are attentive and friendly. This applies to both your close colleagues but also the other departments. It is unusual to receive at superficial answer on a question. Besides my colleagues, I also appreciate the flexibility to create your own tasks.