Environmentally Friendly Electricity certificate for wind power and hydropower

By choosing Environmentally Friendly Electricity you help set the focus on the need for sustainable energy. When you use electricity from renewable energy sources, you also make it more attractive to produce sustainable energy.
There are many reasons for choosing Environmentally Friendly Electricity:

  • Possibility for the company to call itself carbon neutral
  • Internal requirements for the energy policies of the company
  • Expansion of the company's climate strategy
  • Corporate social responsibility, sustainability
  • External requirements from partners
  • Possibility for branding of the company's environmental profile
  • Desire for environmentally oriented external profiling
  • Strengthening environmental awareness among company employees

Environmentally Friendly Electricity certificate, wind power

Your company has the option of buying Environmentally Friendly Electricity through wind energy from Danish wind turbines. You can choose whether to buy electricity from a named wind turbine or wind energy from an unnamed wind turbine and whether your company should hedge its energy consumption wholly or partly through the purchase of electricity from Danish wind turbines.

By selecting a named wind turbine for two years, you will actively support brand new turbines and the expansion of renewable energy in Denmark. At the same time, you will send a signal to decision-makers of a desire for more ambitious targets for the expansion of renewable energy.

Environmentally Friendly Electricity certificate, hydropower

Your company can buy Environmentally Friendly Electricity produced using hydropower from Nordic hydropower plants.

You can choose whether you want to buy electricity from:

  • A named hydropower plant
  • An unnamed hydropower plant

You can also decide whether your company should hedge its energy consumption wholly or partly through the purchase of energy from hydropower. Energi Danmark has established agreements in place with hydropower plants in Sweden, Norway and Finland to purchase Environmentally Friendly Electricity.

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