Our sustainable prioritisations

Energi Danmark welcomes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the UN as an essential and relevant framework with regard to the use of the earth's resources. We have taken a close look at the 17 goals, and initially we have chosen to focus our sustainable initiatives on goal number 7: Affordable & clean energy, which is where we can make a difference through our core business. The objective of this UN goal is to ensure access to financially accessible, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for everyone. Using UN goal no. 7 as the guideline, we base our CSR strategy on the following six strategy points: Energy & Society, Responsible Commerce, People & Qualifications, IT & Data Security, Environment & Climate and Risk Management.


Energi Danmark - Powering Business. Responsibly.

Energy is crucial to a well-functioning society characterised by progress and quality of life. A vital global commodity that is only really noticed when it is not available. In Energi Danmark we notice everything that relates to energy.

We have a thorough understanding of the energy markets across all of Europe. With our broad and specialised range of expertise we cover all current energy markets. Our comprehensive understanding of the market allows us to offer advice and risk management within consumption and production. Our mission is to safeguard your company's energy investment while also providing you with the best possibilities for sustainable trading. We aim to be a competent and trustworthy partner, providing valuable service, now and in the long term.

With an organisation that never sleeps, specialised employees and high-tech tools, we predict energy prices minute by minute. We monitor all relevant changes and analyse enormous data volumes that have a major impact on your energy bill. We are awake and alert. Always.