Energy & Society

The Energi Danmark Group is conscious of its social responsibility. Our business is based on healthy and responsible business activities. We want to contribute to society through the creation of jobs and consideration of nature and the environment. The Energi Danmark Group works continuously to develop products and services that we identify a need for, now and in the future. With this focus on the future, we will contribute to sustainable societal growth, which can also provide additional business value for our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Great potential in Nordic wind energy production

In 2017, the Energi Danmark Group has focused on the possibilities of expanding the handling of wind energy in the Nordic countries. The Group has a solid set-up for balancing and managing the sales of electricity for wind turbines in Denmark, and the ambition is to expand the wind portfolio to the rest of the Nordic region. In 2017 in
Finland, the Group has implemented the systems necessary to handle the electricity production from wind turbines meaning that we will be able to enter into agreements with Finnish wind turbine owners. In 2018, we will look into adjusting our set-up to the needs of the electricity producers in new markets in order to support the
green transition and ensure better earnings for wind turbine owners in these markets.

BlueGrid – a project on flexibility

The Energi Danmark Group contributes actively to forming the future market rules together with our stakeholders. In 2017, we applied for and received public funding from EUDP to set up a demonstration project as part of a consortium with Blue Kolding and Krüger. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate how wastewater treatment facilities can participate in balancing the energy system by adjusting energy consumption and production. This project runs for three years and is a great opportunity to increase our expertise in managing consumption units in ancillary services markets.

In 2018, the Energi Danmark Group will continue to be an active participant in initiatives within demand response and flexibility. We will use our extensive market knowledge and our understanding of our customers' preferences to discover new ways to create value through flexibility – both for our customers and for the society.

We want to contribute to achieving a greener Europe and even small amounts of energy flexibility at the right time can make a big difference.

Wind turbines in the market for regulating power

In 2016, Energi Danmark launched a new product for its wind turbine customers, allowing the turbines to participate in the market for regulating power. This option is an important part of the Group's sustainable focus as it makes it more attractive to own a wind turbine while also ensuring optimal utilisation of the wind energy. Through the regulating power market, the Danish TSO is able to balance the relationship between consumption and production and thereby maintain a stable security of supply in the power grid.

In 2017, many new wind turbine owners have decided to participate in the market and by the end of the year; our portfolio size has almost doubled.

The turbine owner gives Energi Danmark permission to remotely control each turbine and stop electricity production when the market price for downwards regulation is adequately high. Regulation power for wind turbines is aimed at both existing and new customers and our goal for 2017 was to increase the regulating power portfolio. In 2017, many new wind turbine owners have decided to participate in the market and by the end of the year; our portfolio size has almost doubled. Hopefully, the option for participating in the market for regulating power will lead to additional customer satisfaction and in addition attract new customers in 2018.