Energy & Society

The Energi Danmark Group is conscious of its social responsibility. Our business is based on healthy and responsible business activities. We want to contribute to society through our role in the value chain in the energy eco-system. The Energi Danmark Group works continuously to develop products and services that we identify a need for, now and in the future. With this focus on the future, we will contribute to sustainable societal growth, which can also provide additional business value for our customers, employees and stakeholders. Within Energy & Society we focus on system data security, delivery reliability and electricity infrastructure, local community and accomodation of renewable energy in society.

System data security

During 2018, Energi Danmark has been fully compliant with the requirements laid out in the L68 Law “IT Readiness in the electricity and natural gas sector”. As Energi Danmark is a company on the highest level in the L68 Law in relation to our role in the electricity and natural gas sector, this sets specific requirements for our IT security.

In 2018, focus was also on becoming compliant in relation to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This has entailed a thorough cleaning up in documents and systems, so as to ensure that we process and store our data correctly. Internally and externally, we have also set up processes and guidelines so we can continue to document and manage any incidents such as data leaks or requests to present personal data etc. Through a purchased system, employees will be kept up to date on important information about GDPR, just as we regularly provide training and create awareness campaigns. Therefore, we view the work with GDPR as a continuous process. Energi Danmark has established a GDPR steering committee to deal with GDPR related issues regularly and across the Group.

Delivery reliability and electricity infrastructure

At the Energi Danmark Group, we wish to contribute to supply and delivery reliability where we are involved in the delivery and trade of energy across borders. As balance manager within consumption, production and trade, the Energi Danmark Group helps ensure a balance between consumption and production, as well as supply and demand. By becoming better at foreseeing needs and tendencies, the Energi Danmark Group helps create stability and dependability in terms of delivery and supply, and thus the entire electricity infrastructure.

Local community

The Energi Danmark Group wishes to engage in local communities in order to influence society’s development towards sustainability. In 2018, Energi Salg Norge entered into a climate pact with the City of Oslo, thereby committing to contributing to the city’s goal of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 95% by 2030. By becoming a signatory, Energi Salg Norge became a member of the Enterprises for Climate Network. The pact is a recognition of intent, but also a forum for collaboration, exchange of experiences and an opportunity to demonstrate the results that have been achieved by certain companies. At the same time, the pact should also be viewed as a desire to reduce our own emissions while influencing other companies and customers to do the same.

Demand Response is highly relevant in relation to contributing to the European desire for renewable energy and adaptation in our society. In addition to the flexibility and the environmental benefits, Demand Response also makes sense for consumers, who reap financial benefits.
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Senior Energy Risk Advisor, Specialist: Demand Response at Energi Danmark
We want to find new solutions to reduce our own emissions and we will work to ensure that other companies also do the same.
Espen Fjeld, CEO at Energi Salg Norge

At Energi Danmark, we are also aware that our activities can disturb the local communities around us. We always try to minimise any disturbances and engage in dialogue with the relevant stakeholders.

Accommodation of renewable energy in society

The Energi Danmark Group takes responsibility for climate issues. We have a general Environment & Climate policy of contributing to the development of renewable energy and we are encouraging our customers to do the same. By offering environmentally friendly options and products, we want to play an active role in solving the global environmental challenges of today.

One of the products we have continued to pursue in 2018 is the pilot project Demand Response. Demand Response concerns consumption flexibility, i.e. being able to reduce electricity consumption in periods of power shortage in the electricity grid or increase it in periods when there is a surplus of electricity. For example, a cooling system can shut off power in periods where operation is not affected, and the same cooling system can store the energy if there is a surplus. In the past, one would simply have allowed the power supply to remain constant, but by shutting off power, other consumers can benefit from the energy instead. When there is a shortage of electricity in the grid, and Demand Response is activated,, for instance, is not forced to activate an emergency generator which potentially gets energy from non-renewable sources. The flexibility in Demand Response thus benefits supply stability and the climate by utilising the electricity optimally. Commercial consumers of electricity receive payment meanwhile for offering such flexibility, which helps motivate them to take part in a cost-effective and safe accommodation of renewable energy in the electricity system.

Energi Danmark is working with the UK’s leading Demand Response aggregator, KiWi Power, on the project. KiWi Power are specialists in delivering software, hardware and knowhow, where Energi Danmark has access to the customers and the necessary market access. The work on developing Demand Response will continue in 2019, just as our focus will continue to be on developing our climate-friendly products, so we can offer products that work now and in future societies.








Energi Danmark Vind

The Energi Danmark Group invest in, construct and operate wind turbine projects through our subsidiary Energi Danmark Vind. In 2018, Energi Danmark Vind (EDV) had a total wind portfolio of approximately 82 MW installed capacity.

The possibility for flexible renewable power production is an important part of the Group’s sustainability focus as it makes it more attractive to invest in wind turbines while also ensuring optimal utilisation of the renewable energy. Renewable power production is fundamentally inflexible depending on the fluctuations in weather, but the possibility of remote controlling wind turbines, makes it easier for the Danish transmission system operator (TSO) to balance the relationship between production and consumption and thereby sustain a stable security of supply in the power grid.

Through the regulating power market, wind turbine owners receive an extra premium on top of their settlement price for stopping the electricity production, which makes it economically favorable for our wind customers to participate in the regulating power market. On top of that, more wind turbine owners mean more renewable energy. In 2018, we have introduced a new flexible solution in the day-ahead market, where wind turbine owners can limit their day-ahead bids. If the day-ahead price goes below the desired limit the wind turbine is stopped.

Bra Miljöval El

In our subsidiary Energi Försäljning Sverige, customers are given the opportunity to purchase the product Bra Miljöval El, which comes from wind power, hydropower or biomass. Bra Miljöval is a Swedish electricity label from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. For three years in a row, 2014–2016, Energi Försäljning Sverige has been the leading supplier of Bra Miljöval electricity in Sweden, and that number rose over the three years. We view this as a very positive development. The announcement of the leading supplier of MWh is staggered by a year, and therefore we do not yet know our ranking for 2017 or 2018.

Environmentally Friendly Energy

At the Energi Danmark Group, we offer customers environmentally friendly electricity or so-called Guarantees of Origin through wind power, hydropower and biomass. The Energi Danmark Group and the customer thereby help shine a light on the need for renewable energy while making it attractive to produce more renewable energy. A customer can choose to cover its needs partly or entirely through wind turbines either from a specific or non-specific turbine. By selecting a specific wind turbine for two years, the customer actively supports brand new turbines and thus the expansion of renewable energy, for instance in Denmark. It is also possible to cover energy consumption in whole or in part through the purchase of energy from hydropower. The Energi Danmark Group has fixed agreements in place with hydropower plants in Sweden, Norway and Finland to purchase environmentally friendly electricity. The purchase is documented through certificates.

The interest in covering electricity through wind power, hydropower and biomass has risen sharply since 2016, which we consider to be a very positive development. In the future, we will also try to promote the choice of environmentally friendly energy among our customers.