Environment & Climate

The Energi Danmark Group takes responsibility for climate issues. We have an overriding Environment & Climate policy of contributing to the development of renewable energy in Denmark. To be able to realise this, we choose to invest in, construct and operate wind turbine projects through our subsidiary Energi Danmark Vind. Allowing us to evolve from exclusively being an energy trading company to also having physical production. By investing in new wind turbines, we continually strive to increase the net amount of renewable energy sources in Denmark for the benefit of the future environment.

Energi Danmark Vind adds 15 new wind turbines

In 2017 The Energi Danmark Group's subsidiary, Energi Danmark Vind A/S (EDV), added 15 new wind turbines, erected in Hogager near Holstebro, Denmark.

With the addition of the new wind turbines EDV expanded its wind power portfolio by 33 MW corresponding to an expansion of the portfolio by 66%. The wind turbines are 2.2 MW Vestas wind turbines with an estimated annual production of just over 80 GWh.

EDV's aim is to contribute to the development of new wind energy, and the company therefore actively participates in the development of sustainable energy sources in collaboration with subcontractors. EDV is experiencing increasing demand from customers for guarantees of origin from new wind turbines.

Investments in new wind turbines help contribute to a society with lower consumption of fossil fuels and lower carbon emissions.
Hans Hensberg, Director of Energi Danmark Vind


In 2017, Energi Danmark Vind generated approximately 347,000 MWh from wind energy, which equates to the energy consumption of 77,100 households.

Environmentally friendly electricity for our customers

In parallel with the development of wind energy in the Danish market and the development of our own wind turbine portfolio, our goal is to offer customers environmentally friendly electricity products combined with the opportunity of participating in new wind turbine projects. The erection of the new turbines helps secure the energy resources of the future. When customers choose sustainable energy, it adds a political agenda in an area where there is still plenty of room for expansion and improvement.

We have developed a sustainable choice through our product Environmentally Friendly Electricity, with which we aim to inspire customers and business partners to make responsible choices. Environmentally friendly electricity is generated from either wind or hydropower sources in Denmark or Norway. When choosing to buy environmentally friendly electricity, customers receive a certificate documenting their responsible purchase – thus also creating additional value for your company.

By hedging their energy needs completely or partly through electricity generated from Danish wind turbines or Nordic hydropower plants, our customers contribute to a continuous focus on renewable energy. In the Energi Danmark Group we continuously focus on giving our customers an environmentally friendly choice when buying electricity.