People & Qualifications

At the Energi Danmark Group, our employees are our most important resource and, in order to prepare for the future, it is essential that our employees match the competencies needed. We therefore aim to develop employees' competencies needed to reach our strategic goals.

We want to provide a working environment in which employees can excel, develop and strengthen their professional and personal skills. The Energi Danmark Group aims to be a good place to work, where employees are inspired and motivated to do their very best. We continuously focus on employee satisfaction, professionally and socially.

Providing a great working environment

In 2017, for the fifth year in a row, we completed a Group-wide Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). Top management and all departments and teams have actively worked with the results from the ESS and there has been valuable dialogue between management and employees. We do this because we believe that a great working environment will help to retain skilled and dedicated employees.

We measure the employee satisfaction on many parameters; one being if employees can recommend others to work for the Group. In 2017, that number was 78%, which is an improvement from 2016 where the number was 76%. Throughout the year, we have worked with focusing on a great working environment. We have focused on celebrating our successes, and all departments and teams have worked to ensure better teamwork and team spirit.

The initiatives in 2017 have been of great value and the Executive Management Committee has decided to continue prioritising wellbeing. Therefore, our goal in 2018 is that 80% of employees can recommend working for the Group. This year, we will continue working on developing the leadership competencies of our mid-level managers, as we believe great managers increase well-being for the individual employee.

In order to be able to work more indepth with the ESS results, we will from now on complete the survey every second year. In between surveys, we will measure a few selected parameters to evaluate the progress.

Prioritising healthy employees

Another parameter to measure well-being is to focus on absence, especially absence in relation to sickness. In 2017, that number was 1.92%, which is very satisfying and better than 2016, which was 3.28% just confirming well-being is increasing in the Group.

We continue to focus on the health of our employees and have a good health insurance for all. We support many activities, formal as well as informal e.g. company soccer and DHL relay. Late 2017, a group of colleagues established an informal running club to exercise after work and we hope many employees will participate.

In 2018, our ambition is to have maximum 2.7% absence, in relation to own sickness, which is an average benchmark of the business. During 2018, we will continue to work with well-being in the Group. The goal is to minimise absence due to sickness and ensure that employees thrive in the Group.

Sickness absence

2017: 1.92%

The Group aims for a
sickness absence below 2.70%, which is
an average benchmark of the business.

GOAL 2018:
Below 2.7%

Employee satisfaction - Energi Danmark GroupEmployee satisfaction

2017: 78%

The goal is that at least 80% of employees
in the Employee Satisfaction Survey recommend
others to work for the Group.

GOAL 2018:
Minimum 80%