People & Qualifications

At the Energi Danmark Group, our employees are our most important resource and, in order to prepare for the future, it is essential that our employees match the competencies needed. We therefore aim to develop employees’ competencies needed to reach our strategic goals. We want to provide a working environment in which employees can excel, develop and strengthen their professional and personal skills. The Energi Danmark Group aims to be a good place to work, where employees are inspired and motivated to do their very best. We continuously focus on employee satisfaction, professionally and socially. Within People & Qualifications we focus on career and challenges, work health and safety, employee data security and discrimination and inclusion.

Career and challenges

At the Energi Danmark Group, management is based on a holistic view and trust and respect for the individual employee. It is therefore essential that employees have working conditions that encourage and enable employees to reach their full potential. We create a positive working environment through commitment, responsibility, transparency and helpfulness.

It is crucial that all employees develop in relation to the goals towards which we strives. As part of its human resource policy, the Energi Danmark Group offers appropriate supplementary training in relation to each employee’s areas of work. As a knowledge-based company, it is critical that we are constantly in the know and follow the latest developments in the energy market.

All countries in which we have offices are compliant with legislation concerning employment issues and rights. In 2018, we implemented a policy for employee rights.

Work health and safety

At the Energi Danmark Group, we prioritise work health and safety. It is essential that we have a workplace where focus is on such parameters as healthy food, exercise and work environment, which contribute to a high level of employee satisfaction and well-being. We prioritise work safety because we wish to minimise work-related accidents and injuries.

Our employees’ health contributes to work satisfaction and to the individual’s well-being. That is why we are also focused on how we can support a healthy workplace and create good conditions for our employees, so they e.g. can also recommend the Energi Danmark Group as a workplace. In 2018, 84% of our employees said they would recommend Energi Danmark as a workplace. As such, we reached our goal of 80%, which we are very proud of.

Physical health is something we would really like to support in the Group. Each year, Energi Danmark participates in the DHL races held in Aarhus and Copenhagen. A group of employees has also taken the initiative of creating a running club, which trains once a week after work. Several employees participate in daily resistance training, where a physiotherapist has given them exercises for preventing and relieving office-related injuries. At our headquarters in Aarhus, employees have the opportunity to buy a healthy lunch in the cafeteria, which in 2018 achieved bronze certification in organic food.

Employee satisfaction - Energi Danmark GroupEmployee satisfaction - Energi Danmark Group

Employee satisfaction

2018: 84%

In 2018, 84% of our employees said they
would recommend Energi Danmark
as a workplace. As such, we reached our goal
of 80%, which we are very proud of.

GOAL 2019: 85%

In 2019, we will strive to ensure a strategic
focus on employee development and job
satisfaction, so that 85% of our employees
across the entire Group would recommend
the Energi Danmark Group as a workplace.


GOAL 2019: 80%

The aim for 2019 is for 80% of employees to experience better cooperation within the organisation.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 we focused on the feedback culture in the company, so we ensure constructive feedback aimed at helping the individual employee. Therefore, in 2019 we will continue our efforts to strengthen cooperation in the organisation with focus on the feedback culture.