Responsible Commerce

In energy trading groups such as the Energi Danmark Group, the primary task is to ensure optimal management of customers' risks within energy purchases. We help energy consumers and energy producers to exercise active and financially advantageous trading strategies rather than being passive players in the energy market. We also focus on responsible trade with suppliers and partners within renewable energy.

Our customer advice is based on our customers' individual risk profiles and desires. We deliver tailored, transparent solutions to customers, whether they are international groups, public sector entities or smaller companies.

Trade in the European power exchange is managed by our extensive Trading department, which has specialist expertise within all relevant areas, including Short and Long Term Trading, Cross Border, Gas and Intraday Trading. This means that all trading areas are monitored by experienced specialists on behalf of our customers.

Sustainable energy is a central fulcrum for substantial parts of our business, including within the subsidiary Energi Danmark Vind and in connection with products such as environmentally friendly electricity and Bra Bra Miljöval. In connection with these areas, we are very aware of our collaboration and trade agreements with suppliers, whether relating to the delivery of complete wind turbines or guarantees of origin for hydropower and wind power. With regard to international collaboration, we also have an obligation to undertake ethical trade based on the UN's Global Compact, including anti-corruption, human rights and social matters.

ISO re-certification

In 2017, the Energi Danmark Group was re-certified by DNV-GL according to the new ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards on quality management and environmental management. The certification is applicable to both Energi Danmark and all subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany.

The ISO certification aim to help organisations to adapt to a changing world. It focuses on enhancing an organisation's ability to satisfy its customers and provides a coherent foundation for growth and sustained success. It establishes a process for signing and evaluating supplier contracts in order to ensure the best possible conditions for responsible commerce. Besides evaluation of technical, commercial and legal factors, contracts with suppliers and partners should
therefore include an evaluation of ethical and environmental factors according to the Energi Danmark Group's overall requirements.

In 2018, the Energi Danmark Group will continue to honor the ISO certificate's guidelines and assess and evaluate suppliers and partners in accordance with the processes outlined in the ISO manual.