Learning from your mistakes

Jonas Lundgaard Poulsen joined Energi Danmark as Trainee in our Trading department right after he graduated. Here he gained a lot of experience, and also learned from his mistakes along the way. Today, Jonas is Head of Energy Commodities. We asked him about his journey in Energi Danmark, and how it is to start as a newly graduate.

Name: Jonas Lundgaard Poulsen

MSc. Finance, Aarhus BSS

Position: Head of Energy Commodities

Employed since: May 2013

What I do

- When I began in Trading as Trainee, one of my first tasks was to trade the daily auction on the interconnector between France and the UK, and at the same time hedge or gear the position on the OTC market. Since then I have been working with all the countries we are active in and been trading everything from day ahead to front year. Having the freedom to immerse oneself into the majority of the European markets as Trainee/Junior Trader at Energi Danmark gives you a broad understanding of how the dynamic is on the market. E.g. being able to see that rain in the Balkans will keep the off-peak in Western Europe lower than the Nordic, gives you unique opportunities, when it comes to taking positions with the optimal risk and reward ratio.    

- Today, I am the Head of Trading in our Energy Commodities team. We speculate in the price movements of energy related commodities and certificates. Our main focus is the power market, however, we actively trade coal, gas and emission certificates as well.

I had been employed less than one month when I lost quite a lot of money on a stupid mistake, where I did not monitor positions good enough. One month later, I did the same again. As a trader, you will inevitably make mistakes and also more than one. The point is that as a graduate at Energi Danmark it is not the mistakes you make that defines your journey, but how you correct them and learn from it.
Jonas Lundgaard Poulsen, Head of Energy Commodities

My key strengths

- The ability to keep a cool head when we see market turmoil and high volatility periods is very important. Secondly, I would say having seen the seasonality of the market enables you to better understand the risk and reward ratio of the current market when taking bets on.

What I especially like about my job

- The very informal atmosphere is something I appreciate a lot. We have a lot of flexibility and freedom to choose which tasks we should allocate our time to. Our vision for the Trading department is that the time spend from initial idea to execution should be very short.