Discovering opportunities

At Energi Danmark we have more employees who have started as student employees or who have written their thesis with us. It is always a pleasure when they want to continue their journey with us. One of them is Joran Mattes Blaue who has both been student assistant, intern and is now full-time employee at Energi Danmark.

Position: Business Developer

Education: Cand. Merc. International Business, Aarhus University

Employed since: March 2017

My Journey

- I joined Energi Danmark in March 2017 as student assistant in Trade Support. Here I got the opportunity to learn about the energy markets as well as getting a thorough introduction to the business. After half a year as student assistant, I got the opportunity to do my internship at Energi Danmark within business development.

For a period, I therefore worked as both student assistant and intern at the same time. In all it gave me a unique opportunity to work with different areas and tasks, and therefore see the business from several angles. In August 2018, I was employed full-time as Business Developer.  

What I do

- As Business Developer, I have the possibility to immerse myself in projects. It is my job to identify where we can optimise processes, increase understanding and not least increase our profit. My tasks range among others from handling the preparations related to entering new markets, to discovering opportunities in existing markets.  

I have had a thorough training because I have worked as both student assistant and intern. It has been a steep learning curve but at the same time, I believe it is also the reason why I got the opportunity to be employed full-time as Business Developer.
Joran Mattes Blaue, Business Developer at Energi Danmark

My inspiration for applying at Energi Danmark

- When I originally saw that Energi Danmark was looking for a student assistant I was eager to apply, because I thought it looked very interesting. Today, I find it really motivating and satisfying to see how my work creates value.

Why I wanted to become a full time employee

- Besides challenging and exciting tasks, where I quickly am given a lot of responsibility, I think that Energi Danmark is a good place to work. I have talented colleagues who together create an environment with room for everyone.