Contribute from day one

After defending his Master thesis, Lars Bo Riis Nielsen travelled a couple of months in Central America, and began at Energi Danmark a few weeks after his return. Right away, he noticed how he got the opportunity to contribute from day one.

Name: Lars Bo Riis Nielsen

Cand. Merc. Finance, Aarhus University

Position: Junior Gas Trader

Employed since: October 2017

What I do

- I have a wide range of responsibilities and the day-to-day tasks vary a lot. I work with Trading, Business Development, Portfolio Management, and development of various analysis.

My analytical skills have helped me in my role. Besides that, I have found it beneficial and important to be adaptable, flexible and have a mind-set where you want to learn and get better.
Lars Bo Riis Nielsen, Junior Gas Trader

What I especially like about my job

- First and foremost, I would point to my skilled colleagues. They have established a good workplace professionally as well as socially, where I am happy to go to work.

I am part of a relatively young team of ten persons where our manager and two senior traders have built a strong culture with focus on development, efficiency and teamwork. They all lead by example, which I find motivating. 

I like our flat organisational structure where the best idea wins, and you can contribute from day one.

Besides that, our canteen is good.

When I am not at work

- When I am not at work, I spend a lot of time together with my friends. I like movies, series and books and I enjoy travelling as well. Besides that, I play basketball and climb.