Turning ideas into action

Mads Bastholm Kjærgaard works as Trader in Energy Commodities at Energi Danmark. Mads applied for the position at Energi Danmark because he wanted to work with a constantly developing market with more opportunities and high volatility. We asked him what he does as a Trader, and which qualifications it requires.

Name: Mads Bastholm Kjærgaard

Cand. Merc. Finance, Aarhus University

Position: Trader

Employed since: June 2016

What I do

- In my team, we speculate in short term electricity prices. We are trying to direct the electricity from low price areas to high price areas by buying and bidding on cable capacities, and trading on the exchanges in the areas, which we are active. Besides that, we trade on the OTC-market, where we either hedge or gear our positions to obtain the best overall position for Energi Danmark.

It requires thorough analysis of e.g. consumption, weather conditions and cable conditions in all of Europe to be able to create an overview of how the electricity is flowing, and how our positions should be within the areas where we are active.

The market is constantly changing and possibilities come and go very quickly. Hence, we need to keep evaluating and develop new ideas and strategies to be able to utilize the imbalances in the market.
Mads Bastholm Kjærgaard, Trader

My key strenghts

- To be a successful power trader you need to believe in yourself and your analysis. It is important to keep a cool head, have a good overview and not be afraid of making a decision also when things are moving fast. You cannot be afraid of making mistakes because at some point, you will inevitably make mistakes or the market will turn against you. Then it is important to learn from it and keep improving yourself. 

What I especially like about my job

- We are a young team with an informal approach and good cohesion. People are very passionate about trading and the energy market, which means that there is a lot of knowledge and a great willingness to share this knowledge so that you can keep improving yourself. The energy markets are constantly changing, and the time spend from idea to action is very short, especially if you are willing to go ahead of your own projects. This means that you have a high degree of influence on your own tasks, and how you would like to leave a mark on your work at Energi Danmark.   

When I am not at work

- When I am not at work or spending time with my girlfriend, you can find me on my racing bike, lifting weight, practicing in the gym or enjoying my garden. Besides that, I am a big fan of a cold beer on a sunny day.