With curiosity comes motivation

Nikolaj Kolstrup began his career as financial trainee at Energi Danmark in 2013, and after finishing his education, he was employed as Financial Assistant. Today, Nikolaj can call himself Financial Controller at Energi Danmark. Structure, overview and the ability to keep being curious are some of his key strengths.

Name: Nikolaj Kolstrup

Trade economist from Dania Academy & Diploma in Business Administration (Financial and Management Accounting) from Aalborg University

Position: Financial Controller

Employed since: November 2013

What I do

- I have the responsibility of producing the monthly interim statements for our Finnish and German subsidiaries. In Accounting & Bookkeeping we are the last authority before the presentation of data is passed on to the subsidiaries and management in Energi Danmark, and therefore it is important that we are meticulous, when it comes to following up on and controlling the data we receive from other departments in Finance. I general, meeting deadlines are crucial as this will affect us as the last link, and in this way it reflects, how we are mutually dependent on each other in Finance.

Besides, we always have a focus on how we can automate and refine processes, so that we can achieve efficiency but also transparency.

My key strenghts

- The two most important strengths, that I would like to point out, is structure and overview. Besides internal deadlines, we also have deadlines towards e.g. public authorities. That is why it is very important, that I keep a constant overview, and have solid organising skills, so that I can prioritise my tasks in the right order. 

It is also important for me to keep being curious. Often that can mean taking on different types of tasks, but to me it is really important to keep developing myself to be able to maintain the motivation in my daily work.
Nikolaj Kolstrup, Financial Controller

What I especially like about my job

- What I like about working at Energi Danmark is definitely the development opportunities, which exist in the organisation. We are represented with subsidiaries in five different countries, which places great demands on how we adjust according to the cultural differences in the countries.   

I also value the collegial aspect very much. This applies both to my own department, but definitely also the other departments in Energi Danmark. I have built a good and valuable relation with many colleagues, which is also a big motivational factor.

When I am not at work

- In my spare time I like being active. I play soccer two to three times a week. Besides that, I like to go for a run or join the bikefit team at the gym. I prioritise to be physically active five to six days a week.