Holiday spirit affects markets

Focus week 28: Following several weeks of major price climbs across the Nordic energy market, developments stagnated last week.

Here and now

The weather forecasts remain dry and the hydrological situation has weakened, but these scenarios have subsequently been priced in by the market, which did not trade up any further this time. Trading activity is falling, as the holiday spirit is about to set in on the markets. The Q4-18 contract fell by EUR 0.60/MWh to EUR 50.15/MWh, while the YR-19 contract fell by EUR 0.50/MWh, closing at EUR 38.20/MWh on Monday.

Energi Danmark Focus will take a break for the summer holidays over the next two weeks (29 and 30). We will return again in week 31, on Wednesday 1 August.

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