Downturn in coal market continues

Focus week 20: The price for one tonne of coal is at its lowest level for around a year and a half. Demand is low, and this does not appear to be about to change.

Here and now

Last week was characterised by very moderate price fluctuations in the Nordic energy market. Overall, the week ended largely at the same price level as it started, both with regard to the short-term and long-term contracts. Following a strong start, the allowance market fell towards the end of the week, and the market also received some mixed signals from the weather forecasts. On Monday, the Q3-19 contract closed at EUR 41.90/MWh, exactly the same price as the previous week, while the YR-20 contract has fallen slightly, dropping by EUR 0.45/MWh and ending at a closing price of EUR 36.50/MWh on Monday.

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