Learning from talented and motivated colleagues

At the Energi Danmark Group, we have more employees who have started as student employees or who have written their thesis with us. It is always a pleasure when they want to continue with us. One of them is Ionela-Mihaela Ionel and we asked her what motivates her to be part of the Energi Danmark Group.

Position: Junior Gas Trader

Education: Master in Logistic and Supply Chain Management,
Aarhus University

Employed since: February 2017

About Ionela-Mihaela Ionel

- The energy industry has always appealed to me, I think it is a fascinating world with lots of development opportunities. My connection with Denmark goes back a long way when in high school I visited Denmark on exchange and immediately fell in love with it, shortly after I moved here to continue my studies. Having just graduated the masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management I am eager to put my knowledge into practice and continue learning at Energi Danmark.

My journey

- I started as student employee in Trade Support, then I did my internship and wrote my master thesis with Energi Danmark and through the whole journey, I have been trusted with tasks that gave me the possibility to grow and learn more about the energy industry. Being able to leave a mark and seeing people apply the new tools I developed is very rewarding and motivating.

What I do

- I work full time as Junior Gas Trader and joined the gas trading department right after graduation. Moving from power trading to gas trading gives me new opportunities and broadens my perspective.

My inspiration for applying at Energi Danmark - It seemed like an ambitious and dynamic working environment where I could develop my skills while still being active in my studies. That impression proved to be true and I value my skilled colleagues for always taking the time to pass along knowledge.
Ionela-Mihaela Ionel, Junior Gas Trader

Why I wanted to become a full time employee

- I enjoy the ‘can-do’ attitude that saturates the work environment. Together we reach for ambitious goals. Besides, it is inspiring to work closely with talented and motivated people who value my knowledge and challenge me to perform even better.