A view from the top – Svoldrup Kær wind turbine farm

At Energi Danmark it is important for us to know our customers well and a visit let us get an insight into their business and gain knowledge. With this knowledge, we can offer the best counselling and service as possible.

Recently 12 employees from our Trading department visited Svoldrup Kær wind turbine farm in Farsø. Here they got the opportunity to go all the way to the top in one of the turbines.

Even though our employees in Trading trade and handle electricity on a day-to-day basis, it is not every day they get the chance to take a closer look at the physics involved in the electricity production. However, they saw for themselves as they recently made a trip to Western Jutland to Svoldrup Kær wind turbine farm.

We gained useful knowledge that we can use in the day-to-day handling of our wind turbine customers, but also market knowledge related to wind energy, which is an increasing part of the overall electricity production.
Christian Hovmand Pedersen, Junior Forecast Analyst at Energi Danmark

Svoldrup Kær wind turbine farm consists of six Siemens wind turbines and each with an installed effect of 2.3 MW. Energi Danmark is balance responsible for the wind turbine farm and the farm is actually among the farms we start and stop in the regulation power market.

With sun and no wind, the conditions were perfect for a wind turbine visit. Wearing safety gear, they were guided by a technician from Siemens and one person at a time they took the elevator to a height of 70 metres. The last 10 metres they had to climb a ladder to get to the top. At the top, the ‘turbine house’ was opened and the view was enjoyed 80 metres above ground.

CEO in Energi Danmark Vind, Hans Hensberg, and three employees from Siemens were also participating and gave an insight into the practical aspects of producing wind turbine electricity, and what is really behind all the MW wind, which are handled on a day-to-day basis at Energi Danmark.