One point of contact

The electricity markets are quite different in structure, and customer requirements often need to be met in different ways in each country. Our One Stop Shop concept offers a clear advantage here. Leave the complexity to us, and we will provide you with a simple overview of your total exposure.

You can choose to have one single point of contact – and we will provide you with a strong business partner with expert knowledge about our markets. Combined with our team of local specialists, we can offer a set-up that fits your specific business structure.

One collective strategy for all the customer’s departments in Northern Europe.


  • Economic development
  • Oil, coal and gas prices
  • Price of carbon emissions
  • Geopolitical turmoil
  • Currency movements
  • Weather trends
  • Natural disasters
  • Political attitude toward nuclear power






Value across functions

It is all about making life easier for our customers. But we are not content with merely providing your purchasing manager with an easier life - we will not stop until we have added value throughout your organisation.

Customer Purchasing
The purchasing manager is very focused on securing the best possible electricity price. Our strong track record is evidence that we can deliver value here.

Customer Back-office
Back office staff is interested in a solution that will provide a quick overview of consumption data, statistics and of course a smooth invoicing procedure. My Energy is our tool to provide just that for our customers.

Customer Finance
In the finance department, quantifying and evaluating market risks is important. Our portfolio reports contain various risk measures based on customer requirements. We also have portfolio management solutions that eliminate the need for hedge accounting in accordance with IAS39.