Why choose One Stop Shop?

Everyone in the Energi Danmark Group is dedicated to provide our customers with an experience that is different than what can be found at our competitors. And by different, we mean better!

We understand that all customers have different needs, and in order to build a solid platform for a long-lasting relationship, we always start by viewing each specific case from the customer’s perspective.



With a One Stop Shop solution, you get:

  • One place to buy electricity
  • A simple solution to your energy requirements
  • A comprehensive overview of the four Nordic countries and Germany
  • Knowledge-sharing between the Nordic countries and Germany
  • Customer service in the preferred language for your branch.
We consider ourselves to be a strong and reliable partner. With more than 20 years of experience within the energy industry, we have thorough knowledge of the energy sector, energy trading, risk management, portfolio management and the balance between production and consumption.