Your flexibility actively contributes to the green transition

With knowledge and technology from the Energi Danmark Group, your company can achieve additional earnings and contribute to the green transition by providing flexibility in a sustainable energy system.

Demand Response or flexible consumption is a concept in the energy market that is about adjusting your electricity consumption in periods with peak loads in the electricity grid – for example when wind turbines produce more power than we can manage to consume or when there is a grid outage that requires us to use less electricity for a period of time.

If your company has electricity consumption that can be adjusted periodically, you could receive payment from the Energi Danmark Group for making your flexibility available, thereby contributing to the cost-effective and secure integration of renewable energy in the electricity system.

Why participate with your flexibility:

> Additional earnings with minimal effort

> Reduce your carbon emissions

> You will actively contribute to the green transition

> Real-time monitoring of your energy consumption

> No disruption to your core business

Electricity consumers receive payment in exchange for offering flexibility and Demand Response thereby contributes to ensuring cost-effective and secure integration of renewable energy in the electricity system.
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Head of Sales Denmark at Energi Danmark

How does Demand Response work?

There must always be a balance between consumption and production and if there is an outage/sudden event that has a negative impact on the frequency in and balance of the electricity network, the TSO’s (in Denmark Energinet) can activate reserves held by consumers - including frequency reserves and manual reserves - in order to restore the balance between consumption and production. Perhaps the customer is able to turn off a cooling system for a period of time. With Demand Response, Energinet is not forced to activate emergency generators that potentially use energy from non-renewable sources.

With Demand Reponse, we can manage our customer's flexible units simply and efficiently and make the flexibility available as a balancing reserve for the energy market. We utilise innovative technologies and advanced hardware and software in order to generate additional earnings for consumers and green benefits for society.

We collaborate with the UK’s leading Demand Response aggregator, KiWi Power. KiWi Power specialises in providing software, hardware and know-how within the field, while the Energi Danmark Group has the necessary market access to offer flexibility to the market.

Demand Response
- for the benefit of the climate
and your business

Demand Response is highly relevant when it comes to contributing to the European desire for the integration of renewable energy in society.

This flexibility in consumption therefore benefits both the security of supply and the climate by making optimal use of electricity.

Play an active part in grid balancing and earn additional income

Mikkel Hauge Jensen Head of Sales Denmark
Aslak Jakobi Kristensen Head of Production, Origination