Lower energy costs with renewable energy

With a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), your company is actively adding new renewable energy to society and you will hedge the price of your energy consumption for 10 years at an attractive, fixed price.

This is sustainability without additional costs.

In recent years, developments within the wind turbine and solar power plants have accelerated rapidly. Both in terms of numbers and in terms of efficiency. This has opened up new possibilities for active participation in the green transition.

The Energi Danmark Group collaborates with producers of solar panel and wind turbine plants who are ready to create new, sustainable energy to cover your energy consumption. With a PPA solution, we will manage communication with the producer, the electricity supply itself, as well as risk management.

Why choose a PPA solution?

> New renewable energy:
 New renewable energy will be established to cover your electricity consumption,
thereby helping to increase the amount of renewable energy in society.

> Price hedging: You enter into a long-term fixed price agreement. You buy electricity directly from the producer,
outside of the energy exchange and you are guaranteed an attractive, low price.

> Stability and sustainability: With a PPA solution, you show consideration for the environment while at the same time
getting an attractive and stable electricity price.

This adds value to the bottom line – both financially and environmentally. 

How does a PPA solution work?

Until now, buying green electricity has been a question of reserving some of the energy that was already there.

We are now able to offer an agreement under which your environmentally friendly electricity originates from completely newly installed plants, constructed solely on the basis of this agreement. In addition to the agreement contributing to carbon neutrality and providing real value to your company’s CSR accounts, it can also be a strategic path to stable, low energy costs for many years to come. With a 10-year agreement, you hedge the price of your energy consumption and avoid being affected by price fluctuations.

A long-term electricity agreement with renewable energy is attractive to those who are conscious of both price and the environment.

Green consumption
at no additional cost


For those wanting to be part of the green transition

With a PPA solution, your company plays an active part in the green transition. The agreement contributes to carbon neutrality and environmental responsibility.

We have developed relationships with renewable energy producers who are ready to install solar power plants or wind turbines that can meet your needs. We manage the electricity supply itself, as well as risk management. The agreement is entered into for 10 years at a fixed price, which is less than the price of the forward contract.

You receive an official certificate proving that your energy is 100% sustainable. This is something you can use internally and externally as part of your branding.

With a PPA agreement, your consumption will be produced by new renewable energy and you will be billed at a fixed, low price.

The Energi Danmark Group connects you directly – ensuring stable electricity prices and access to new renewable energy.

We participate in the green transition

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