GNP Energy: With Energi Danmark as a trusted partner, we can focus on our core business 

Since 2016, the Nordic energy company GNP Energy has been a One Stop Shop customer with Energi Danmark. Through Energi Danmark’s solid expertise within risk management and energy trading across markets, GNP Energy has been able to focus their efforts on the most important aspect: The customers.




GNP Energy is a Nordic energy company supplying electricity to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the private customer market. The company saw the light of day in Sandefjord, Norway, in 2012, where the company’s headquarters remain to this day. 

Since its inception, GNP Energy has been on a growth journey that has taken the company far and wide into the Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark - and most recently towards a stock exchange listing in December 2020. 

How did the company get to where it is today? It has taken lots of hard work and the realisation that it doesn’t always pay to do everything yourself. In fact, the biggest benefit can be found in doing precisely what you do best – and then collaborating with others who are experts in their areas.

We need to remain focused on our core expertise. We are a sales organisation that sells electricity and provides outstanding customer service. We leave the other aspects of the business to our talented partners
Sigrun Eggen, CEO of GNP Energy

A cross-Nordic partner

Sigrun Eggen explains that, back in 2012, the company managed all their trading on the Nord Pool power exchange themselves. However, since GNP Energy is a small player in some extremely volatile markets, they realised that it would make sense to team up with a partner who was an expert in precisely this area and
could help them reduce their risk.

Initially, the company entered into a cooperation agreement with a small energy trading company but, as the geographical ambitions grew, GNP Energy moved the business to Energi Danmark in 2016.

“For us, it was important that our business partner was able to manage all the markets on our behalf. This was both to facilitate the collaboration and to ensure the best possible expertise. Even though our four markets are different, there are great synergies across the markets.
Siggun Eggen, CEO of GNP Energy
Our Key Account Managers, who work with our largest customers, value the fact that Energi Danmark is always ready to discuss the best solution for our individual customers. This really is a great strength for us,
Sigrun Eggen, CEO of GNP Energy

Collaboration makes everyday life easier

In its fourth year, the collaboration between GNP Energy and Energi Danmark is stronger than ever. And it is not only at the management level that satisfaction is high – collaboration makes everyday life easier throughout the entire company.

Another Energi Danmark service that GNP Energy greatly appreciates in their everyday work is the pricing and risk calculation tool, Online. The tool helps the company hedge the risks associated with calculating a specific price for a customer.

The company currently uses Online for both the Norwegian and the Finnish markets and looks forward to being able to use the tool for all markets.

GNP Energy in brief:
  • Currently the company has a presence in
    Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark
  • The headquarters are situated in
    Sandefjord, Norway
  • One Stop Shop customer with Energi Danmark since 2016

Number of metering points to which the company supplied electricity in 2020:

  • 30,800 in the private customer segment
  • 9,100 in the business customer segment