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The Energi Danmark Group is one of the leading energy trading groups in Northern Europe with activities in physical and financial energy trading, carbon and gas trading, portfolio management and associated trading in derivative financial instruments. Energi Danmark was founded in 1993 and has grown from being a small company with relatively few employees to being an international energy trading group with approximately 200 employees across Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany. Below you can learn more about each of our companies.

Energi Danmark

Energi Danmark is a market leader within the trading of electricity in Denmark and is also an active participant in the markets for oil and gas products. Energi Danmark has specialised in selling energy to customers within business and public sector institutions and buying energy from the decentralised CHP plants and wind turbines.

The Energi Danmark headquarter is located in Aarhus with about 160 employees. Energi Danmark also has offices in Odense and Kolding.


ED Business Support

In July 2019, the Energi Danmark Group established the subsidiary, ED Business Support. The subsidiary delivers a number of value added services to the Group related to IT operations and support, IT development, IT projects and Billing Services including debitor management.

ED Business Support is located in Aarhus. 

Energi Danmark Securities

In 2005 Energi Danmark added portfolio management to the list of services with the start-up of Energi Danmark Securities. With basis in the Nordic electricity market Energi Danmark Securities offers portfolio management, portfolio agreements and related trading with derived financial instruments. The geographic business area covers primarily all of Scandinavia. An international team of portfolio managers has a solid local knowledge of the energy markets which results in a strong collaboration across borders.  

The Energi Danmark Securities’ office is located in Copenhagen.


Energi Försäljning Sverige

Energi Försäljning Sverige was established in 2007 and has grown to be Swedens 3rd largest electricity supplier for business customers. Energi Försäljning Sverige has solid experience with qualitative delivery of flexible and cost efficient electricity agreements.

Energi Försäljning Sverige has offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Energia Myynti Suomi

In 2009 the Energi Danmark Group expanded into Finland with Energia Myynti Suomi which sells energy solutions to business customers and public institutions in Finland. Energia Myynti Suomi offers risk management and counselling; among others, the company has prolonged a 4-year contract with the Finnish government.

Energia Myynti Suomi has offices in Helsinki, Vaasa and Kuopio.


Energi Salg Norge

Energi Salg Norge was established in 2010 and has already achieved a solid foothold in Norway. Energi Salg Norge offers the Norwegian customers market leading solutions which is adjusted according to the need for risk management, flexibility and information. With a wide selection of energy products, Energi Salg Norge can always tailor a solution suited for the specific company’s energy consumption.

Energi Salg Norge has offices in both Oslo and Trondheim.


Energie Vertrieb Deutschland

Energie Vertrieb Deutschland EVD GmbH was established in 2013. Energie Vertrieb Deutschland supplies German companies and public institutions with energy. Energie Vertrieb Deutschland is an interesting partner for ‘Direktvermarktung’ of wind and solar parks.

Energie Vertrieb Deutschland has offices in Hamburg, Leipzig and Osnabrück.