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About Energi Danmark Securities

The purpose of Energi Danmark Securities (EDS) is to help companies with efficient risk management in the highly volatile energy markets.

Our aim is – in close cooperation with the company – to determine the most optimal and individual long time strategy based on the following factors:

  • The company’s consumption pattern
  • Risks
  • Returns
  • The market situation








We provide portfolio management for all companies in the ED Group and have a major international role in relation to the continued growth. We work to create additional value for customers in all countries.

Over the years we have achieved a unique position at the energy market as a provider of portfolio management to a number of the largest Nordic companies. In 2017 our total portfolio volume – measured on an annual basis – was close to 13 TWh per year. Forward-looking a yearly growth rate of 15-20 % is expected, which is equalling previous years growth rates.   

We have an international portfolio team with anchoring in Copenhagen. The portfolio managers have many years of experience in the energy market. We recruit several international employees continually in order to meet the customers’ growing needs and to keep focus on the individual customer.

The company can participate actively in the hedging and portfolio management, or we can handle it 100% for you.

It is our ambition to be among the leading international companies within Portfolio Management. We are your long term energy partner!

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