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About One Stop Shop

In recent years, we have experienced increasing demand for our One Stop Shop concept, as more and more large international companies are starting to see the value of gathering their electricity purchases through Energi Danmark.

Our One Stop Shop concept was launched in 2011 and remains one of the group’s key services. The One Stop Shop concept is aimed at international companies seeking to streamline and not least professionalise the procurement of energy – the concept is therefore extremely relevant.

Focus on the customer’s needs

In a market characterised by streamlining processes, the One Stop Shop concept is able to meet key needs for a large number of international companies. By professionalising and optimising energy procurement across borders, customers achieve safe, efficient and uniform procurement processes.

In companies that have branches in several different countries, the needs will naturally differ from country to country, and the Energi Danmark Group can contribute with unique solutions when it comes to individual strategies and contracts. A tailored solution in one country can also be combined with standard solutions in another country, making One Stop Shop a flexible product that can be adapted to the customer and not the other way around.

Knowledge across borders

With portfolio managers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany, the Energi Danmark Group has solid local knowledge of energy markets, which, when combined, means that we are a great international force. Experiences can be shared across national borders for the benefit of our customers. Local, cultural and language support also provides assurance to customers in our management of energy procurement and consultancy services.

Last but not least, the employees of the Energi Danmark Group can also enjoy the common sharing of knowledge and exchange of experiences that becomes a natural part of working across borders. This ensures that we constantly optimise our knowledge and expertise.

We constantly work to become better and better at creating new solutions and focusing on what our customers request. We need to be able to adapt in a flexible international market, where customers seek out the optimal solutions.
Head of Sales Denmark at Energi Danmark, Kim Nielsen
Head of Sales Denmark at Energi Danmark, Kim Nielsen

Together we manage your risks – and optimise your assets

Strong international collaboration is crucial to creating good solutions and growth for customers. We manage the customer’s risks across borders and utilise the opportunities that also arise in the international energy markets.

In addition to risk management, the Energi Danmark Group also has a major focus on optimisation. Optimisation of the customer’s final electricity price, but also optimisation of the customer’s internal processes. Here, we help by minimising the number of suppliers, thereby creating a more effective process to manage energy procurement.