A sustainable energy system with flexibility consumption
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BlueKolding contributes to a sustainable energy system

BlueKolding’s desire to contribute to the green transition and reduce carbon emissions in society was realised through consumption flexibility, also known as Demand Response.

Energi Danmark manages the wastewater treatment plant’s flexible units and this creates value both for society and for the company’s bottom line.

BlueKolding’s electricity consumption can be postponed and adjusted in periods during which the electricity grid is experiencing peak loads. This means that The Danish TSO, Energinet, can avoid carbon emitting electricity production. The wastewater treatment plant therefore reduces overall carbon emissions and contributes to a sustainable energy system.

As a balance responsible, Energi Danmark can help BlueKolding adjust its consumption during certain periods and offer the
flexibility to the electricity grid.

Offering our flexibility generates value for us and we are proud to be able to contribute to a more sustainable energy system. Energi Danmark helps us to contribute to balancing the electricity system and they are able to easily and effectively control our flexible units, so we can make our flexibility available in the energy market
Per Holm, CEO in BlueKolding
Per Holm, CEO in BlueKolding




Opportunity for increased earnings

In addition to focusing on the green transition, the consumption flexibility also provides BlueKolding with the possibility of increased earnings. Energinet pays for the wastewater treatment plant to be available and Energi Danmark ensures that the flexibility is offered to Energinet and adjusts the electricity consumption of BlueKolding. This takes place through Energi Danmark’s role as the balance responsible party. BlueKolding is therefore benefitting both the environment and its own bottom line through the use of Demand Response.

From demonstration to inspiration

The collaboration between BlueKolding and Energi Danmark on consumption flexibility started off as part of a demonstration project that was publicly funded by the EUDP.

Energi Danmark’s expertise in managing consumption units and BlueKolding’s practical experience of adjusting electricity consumption is now being used to inspire others. Both parties jointly participate in forums and talk about the initiatives that are being launched in this area to inspire others to contribute towards the green transition as well.

Learn more about consumption flexibility

Demand Response is a unique setup that allows your company to benefit financially by being flexible in consumption – at the same time contributing to the green transition.

Most companies have some flexibility on its non-critical devices such as heat pumps and compressors. This flexibility can be offered into the electricity grid for a fee.

Electricity consumers receive payment in exchange for offering flexibility and Demand Response thereby contributes to ensuring a cost-effective and secure incorporation of renewable energy in the electricity system.
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark