Balance responsibility means value for our customers

Being a balance responsible party gives us a unique insight into the energy market. At the same time, we trade on the energy exchange without expensive intermediaries. This creates value for our customers.

What is a balance responsible party?

While an ordinary energy supplier only has to supply the electricity consumed by the customer, a balance responsible party must also ensure that there is sufficient power supply available. This is necessary in order to maintain the safe and reliable operation of the electricity system.

As a balance responsible party, we gain a unique insight into the market, which we would like to share with our customers. Increasing unpredictability in the energy market and more sustainable energy sources mean that knowledge and insight are essential. At the Energi Danmark Group, as one of the largest balance responsible party in Denmark, we possess both these attributes.

Avoid expensive intermediaries

The price of electricity is determined in NordPool/NASDAQ, where we trade directly on behalf of our customers and other electricity suppliers. As one of our customers, you avoid expensive intermediaries such as brokers or an ordinary energy supplier.

More earning opportunities and greater flexibility

We can do more than simply give you a price. We can provide you with advice and generate value for your business – including in the long run. This means that we can offer more earning opportunities, e.g. through consumption flexibility and more flexible solutions. 

Openness and transparency are actually quite simple in the energy market. Gain insight and get advice from us. Then you can make the right decision.
Kim Nielsen, Senior Energy Risk Advisor at Energi Danmark




Skip the expensive intermediaries

Buy your electricity directly from the Energi Danmark Group and not from a broker or an ordinary energy supplier. As a balance responsible party, we trade directly in the energy exchanges and you avoid paying for an extra link in the chain.

Advice based on unique insights

More sustainable energy sources and rising consumption are making the energy market increasingly unpredictable. Our insight into and knowledge of the energy market are therefore becoming increasingly crucial when advising our customers – with regard to both consumption and production – and for creating value for their businesses. This value takes the form of additional earnings in the regulated market, as well as more flexible solutions.

We are proud to help our customers navigate the ever-changing energy market; helping them avoid obstacles and fully exploit market opportunities.

We work to shape the power market of tomorrow.

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