Statement from the CEO
- sustainability is key to success

For a number of years, the Energi Danmark Group has been working on sustainable activities across the countries in which we are present. For the past year, we have worked on implementing our redefined CSR strategy and bringing our focus areas closer to the business, as we believe sustainable initiatives close to our business will have the biggest impact – internally and externally.

The strategic approach and our six focus areas are part of the extension of the "People, Planet, Profit" philosophy, which we will continue to focus on. We see great value in retaining and developing our sustainable way of conducting business while still making a profit and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders; namely shareholders, customers and employees.

Our stakeholders continue to demand more of us as a business partner, which makes our strategic focus on sustainability an ongoing and important element for our Group. We know that great balance between environmental, social and economic factors relates closely to a successful business and we must ensure profitable growth for both shareholders, customers and employees as well as for society.

Among our six focus areas that are all integral parts of the way in which we think and trade in the Energi Danmark Group, you will find activities aimed both at our internal processesand values and externally at our stakeholders. Our focus areas in 2017 include the expansion of our wind portfolio, the aim of forming future market rules in terms of demand response and our work to ensure a great working environment.

I believe in a continued strategic focus on sustainable initiatives as well as profitable growth for the Group's shareholders, customers and employees, resulting in a positive contribution to our financial bottom line as well as to our society.

Jørgen Holm Westergaard
CEO of the Energi Danmark Group