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Your flexibility provides financial and sustainable benefits

With the Flex Platform, your flexibility in electricity consumption contributes to the green transition while at the same time, you have the possibility of an extra income.

More solar and wind energy and the phasing out of reserve power plants means the need for new solutions to ensure a stable energy system.

With consumption flexibility, we can even out the imbalances that occur when we produce electricity from wind and sun – instead of turning on power plants. For instance, we can adjust your electricity consumption in periods with peak loads in the electricity grid – e.g. when wind turbines produce more power than we can manage to consume or when there is a grid outage that requires us to use less electricity for a period of time.

Your flexibility is important

If your company has electricity consumption that can be adjusted periodically, you can receive payment for making your flexibility available. By utilising your company’s flexibility in consumption, you contribute to the cost-effective and safe integration of renewable energy in the electricity system and at the same time, reduce the use of fossil fuels for electrification.

What is the Flex Platform?

The Flex Platform controls the demand for electricity, so it matches the production. In real time. This is done by storing energy in buildings. It ensures a more efficient utilization of solar and wind energy. The Flex Platform communicates with the customer’s own building management system, which eliminates the need to invest in expensive equipment.

The more electricity consumers who connect to the Flex Platform, the more total flexibility will be offered to the grid. And the faster we can phase out the fossil power plants together. The Flex Platform was created in a partnership between Andel Energi and IBM.

Why participate with your flexibility:

Additional earnings for your availability

Reduce your carbon emissions

Strengthen your green profile

Contribution to Denmark’s security of supply and phasing out of coal power plants

Repayment period of approx. 8-16 months

No disruption of your core business

Is my company’s consumption flexible?

Most likely.

The Flex Platform can control the power consumption of e.g. ventilation systems, heat pumps, charging stations, solar cells, etc.

You decide how you make your buildings or production equipment available without compromising on comfort.

The Flex Platform takes care of the rest.

How does flexible consumption work?

Through the Flex Platform, we can simply and efficiently manage our customers’ flexible units and make the flexibility available as a balancing reserve in the electricity market. We use innovative technology developed by IBM to create extra income for consumers and green benefits for society.

Flex Platform
– for the benefit of the climate
and your business

The Flex Platform contributes to the European desire for the integration of renewable energy into society, and the flexibility in consumption benefits both security of supply and the climate by optimally utilizing the electricity.




Play an active part in grid balancing and earn additional income

Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen
Head of Sales Denmark