People & Culture

At the Energi Danmark Group, our employees are our most important resource and instrumental in implementation of our business strategies. We therefore focus on strategic competences and capability building. We want to provide a working environment, where our employees can develop their professional and personal skills. We continuously focus on diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, data security, work health and safety.

Career and capabilities

At the Energi Danmark Group, our holistic leadership approach is based on trust and respect for the individual employee. It is therefore essential that employees have working conditions that encourage and enable them to reach their full potential. We create a positive working environment based on our three core values: Teamwork, timing and trust.

As part of its human resource policy, Energi Danmark offers appropriate supplementary training in relation to each employee’s areas of work. As a knowledge-heavy company, it is crucial that we constantly keep our finger on the pulse and follow the latest developments in the energy market.We have implemented a policy for employment rights in the Energi Danmark Group.

All countries in which we have offices are compliant with legislation concerning employment issues and rights.

Health and safety at work

The Energi Danmark Group prioritises health and safety at work. It is essential that we have a workplace which focuses on such parameters as healthy food,  exercise and work environment, all of which contribute to a high level of employee satisfaction and well-being. We prioritise work safety because we wish to minimise work-related accidents and injuries.In 2019, we conducted an Engagement Survey for the entire Group, as well as a workplace assessment for Danish employees. An impressive 95% of employees in the Group completed the Engagement Survey in 2019.

In 2019, our focus has been on employee develop-ment and engagement, in order to see an increase in the number of employees who would recommend the Energi Danmark Group as a place to work. Unfortunately, only 75% of employees across the entire Energi Danmark Group would recommend the Group as a place to work and 76% of employees in the Danish company. This is a significant decline since our 2017 survey, when 80% on group level would recommend us as a place to work.

As a consequence we will have an increased focus on job engagement and individual work/life balance, talent and leadership development in 2020. We will work to support a healthy workplace and create great conditions for our employees, in order to see an increase in the number of employees who would recommend the Energi Danmark Group as a place to work.

At the Energi Danmark Group, we would like to promote physical health among our employees. Each year, Energi Danmark participates in the DHL relay race, in which all employees have the opportunity to run or walk five kilometres together with their colleagues. Multiple employees participate in daily resistance training, as part of which a physiotherapist has given them exercises for preventing and relieving office-related injuries. At our headquarters in Aarhus, employees have the opportunity to buy a healthy lunch from the cafeteria, which has been awarded bronze certification for its organic food.

Work-life balance is something we have had a huge focus on during 2019. Through a number of work-shops, management has learned about what stress actually is and how to identify the first signs of stress in their employees and in themselves. This is a subject we intend to continue working on in 2020.


Employee satisfaction - Energi Danmark GroupEmployee satisfaction - Energi Danmark Group


Energi Danmark has signed a support declaration with InterForce. InterForce is a collaboration between the Armed Forces and companies that aims to improve conditions for people with both a military and a civil obligation.

As a part of signing the decleration we have declared that we are willing to offer an employment to veterans who have been wounded during service.