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People & Culture

At the Energi Danmark Group, our employees are our most important resource and instrumental in implementation of our business strategies. We therefore focus on strategic competences and capability building. We want to provide a working environment, where our employees can develop their professional and personal skills. We continuously focus on diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, data security, work health and safety.

Career and capabilities

At the Energi Danmark Group, our holistic leadership approach is based on trust and respect for the individual employee. It is therefore essential that employees have working conditions that encourage and enable them to reach their full potential. We create a positive working environment based on our three core values: Teamwork, timing and trust.

As part of its human resource policy, Energi Danmark offers appropriate supplementary training in relation to each employee’s areas of work. As a knowledge-heavy company, it is crucial that we constantly keep our finger on the pulse and follow the latest developments in the energy market.





Health and safety at work

The Energi Danmark Group prioritises health and safety at work. It is essential that we have a workplace which focuses on such parameters as healthy food,  exercise and work environment, all of which contribute to a high level of employee satisfaction and well-being. We prioritise work safety because we wish to minimise work-related accidents and injuries.

Work-life balance in particular became one of the major focus points of the year, as the shutdown of the society in March, due to COVID-19, suddenly forced many of us to work from home for shorter or longer periods. It placed severe demands on the flexibility of both employees, managers and workplace. We succeeded in adapting the situation to each individual employee’s needs in close collaboration between employee and immediate manager, so we could ensure that work tasks and family life all came together. The feedback from both employees and managers has been very positive, and the experiences we have gained this year will hopefully have a positive effect on work-life balance in the future also.

At the Energi Danmark Group, we would like to promote physical health among our employees.

In September, 28 Energi Danmark employees participated in this year’s “Bike to work” campaign. During this month they covered a total
distance of no less than 8,278 km. According to calculations from “Bike to work” their impressive effort had several positive side effects – among other things they reduced CO2 emissions by 2,069 kilos and avoided 7 sick days (calculated according to their improved
health). During November, Energi Försäljning Sverige held a workout challenge to encourage the Swedish employees working from home to get regular exercise. This resulted in a full 264 hours of workout in total.

Diversity and inclusion

Energi Danmark Group has a diversity policy. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination on the grounds of e.g. race, skin color, gender, language, ethnicity, religion, political or other views, cast, national or social origin, wealth, birthplace, union affiliation, sexual orientation, health, age, disability or other characteristics. We offer the same opportunities for all our employees, regardless of the above characteristics. At Energi Danmark, we want to help our senior employees to remain with the company for as long as possible if it aligns with the needs of both the company and the employee. We therefore formulated a Senior Policy in 2019 which has been implemented in 2020.