Egmont: With the PPA Pool we can contribute to a more sustainable future

Egmont is one of the 12 companies that in 2021 pooled their electricity consumption in Energi Danmark’s first PPA Pool. This enabled Egmont to realise their ambition to actively bring new renewable energy to society.

Egmont is a Nordic media group with activities primarily in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The group’s business areas include tv broadcasting, books and magazine publishing, film production, cinemas, and much more. But despite the broadness and complexity of the company, sustainability is high on the agenda in their way of doing business.

In Egmont’s 2025 strategy “Go Greener fast”, they have set a goal of reducing their climate impact, and the ambition is a full green electricity transition in their own operations. The first step is to invest in 100% green electricity by purchasing guarantees of origin. But Egmont’s green ambitions goes even further: They want to actively add new renewable energy to society.

The PPA Pool made new green energy an option for Egmont

As Egmont’s electricity consumption is lower than what corresponds to an entire solar park or wind farm, a traditional PPA solution was not an option. But with Energi Danmark’s new PPA Pool, new renewable energy suddenly became possible. By pooling Egmont’s consumption with several other companies’ consumption, Energi Danmark reached the critical mass which together covers the production from a newly constructed energy plant.

So, in 2021, Energi Danmark – with mandate from Egmont and 11 other companies – entered into an agreement with Better Energy regarding the construction of a solar park in Jutland.

Being Scandinavia’s leading media company, Egmont wishes to contribute to a low-carbon economy and a better planet for future generations.
Winnie Caroline Nygaard Brok, Sustainability & Legal Compliance Director at Egmont.




Egmont has a longstanding cooperation with Energi Danmark. They know our electricity pattern and the complexity of Egmont, and therefore it was natural for us to reach out to Energi Danmark to explore the option of a PPA. And we are very pleased that we have landed on this solution, where we know we are making a real difference by adding new renewable energy to society.
Winnie Caroline Nygaard Brok, Sustainability & Legal Compliance Director at Egmont.

With the agreement, Egmont and the other 11 customers have Energi Danmark as their direct counterparty. This means that Energi Danmark handles the entire setup, including the contact with the developer, the electricity supply itself and the risk management. As a result, all customers in the pool get a simple and clear settlement based on their actual consumption as Energi Danmark also handles balancing of consumption and production. 

The solar park is expected to be completed in Q1 2023 and produce approx. 70,000 MWh (70 GWh) annually, corresponding to the electricity consumption for about 18,000 households. Egmont is currently looking into the option to do similar investments in new green electricity in Sweden and Norway.