Energy & Society

The Energi Danmark Group is conscious of its social responsibility. Our business is based on healthy and responsible business activities. We want to contribute to society through our role in the value chain of the energy eco-system. The Energi Danmark Group works continuously to develop products and services that we identify a need for, now and in the future. With a focus on the future, we will contribute to sustainable societal growth, which can also provide additional business value for our customers and stakeholders. Within Energy & Society we focus on system data security, delivery reliability and electricity infrastructure, local society and adoption of renewable energy in society.

System data security

During 2019, Energi Danmark has been fully compliant with the legal requirements laid out in the L68 Law as well as the current BEK 820 Act “IT Readiness in the electricity and natural gas sector”, as of August 14, 2019. In relation to our role in the electricity and natural gas sector, Energi Danmark is a company on the highest level, which means the law sets specific requirements for our IT Security.

Our work to be compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a continuous process. Energi Danmark has established a GDPR steering committee. The steering committee has adopted an annual cycle of work to ensure that we continually update our employees with regard to key GDPR information through the use of awareness campaigns and ongoing training. Among other things, this is done using a system acquired especially for this purpose. We have estab-lished internal and external processes and guidelines so we can continue to document and manage any incidents such as data leaks or requests for access to personal data, etc.


Delivery reliability and electricity infrastructure

Without electricity, most of the world as we know it would shut down. At the Energi Danmark Group, we consider our contribution to both supply and delivery reliability to be our most important task and we are involved in the delivery and trading of energy across borders. As a balance responsible party within consumption, production and trade, the Energi Danmark Group helps ensure a balance between consumption and production, as well as supply and demand. We work continuously to become even better at predicting needs and trends, thereby creating stability and security in relation to delivery and supply; securing the entire elec-tricity infrastructure.

Local community

Energi Danmark Group is committed to the local community we are part of and we want to influence social development in a more sustainable direction. Our subsidiary, Energi Salg Norge, has entered into a climate pact with the City of Oslo and has committed to help achieve the city’s ambition to reduce the emis-sion of greenhouse gases by 95% by 2030. In 2019, Energi Salg Norge started supplying the City of Oslo, our most complex customer in the Norwegian market so far. By becoming a signatory, Energi Salg Norge became a member of the Enterprises for Climate Network. The pact is a recognition of intent, but also a forum for collaboration, exchange of experience and an opportu-nity to demonstrate the results that have been achieved by certain companies. At the same time, the pact should also be viewed as a desire to reduce our own emissions, while also influencing other companies and customers to do the same.

We want to find new solutions to reduce our own emissions and we will work to ensure that other companies also do the same.
Espen Fjeld, CEO at Energi Salg Norge

At Energi Danmark, we are also aware that our activities can disturb the local communities around us. We always try to minimise any disturbances and engage in dialogue with the relevant stakeholders.

Accommodation of renewable energy in society

The Energi Danmark Group takes responsibility for climate issues. We have a general Environment & Climate policy of contributing to the development of renewable energy and we are encouraging our customers to do the same. By offering climate friendly options and products, we want to play an active role in solving the global climate challenges of today.

All of the marketing activities that the Energi Danmark Group initiated in 2019 focused on the branding of our sustainable products. We have, among other things, created four new videos explaining the advantages of our climate-friendly solutions.

One of the products we have had success with in 2019 is the Power Purchase Agreement in which Energi Danmark facilitates a solar or wind turbine park between the customer and the producer. This ensures that the customer’s energy consumption is covered using renewable energy while also securing attractive and stable electricity prices by buying electricity directly from the producer and outside of the energy exchange. The agreement means that the customer’s environmen-tally friendly electricity originates from a plant developed exclusively on the basis of the agreement,  contributing to the customer’s carbon neutrality and helping to improve their CSR report. 









Demand Response

In 2019, Energi Danmark continued to work on its most flexible product, Demand Response. Demand Response concerns consumption flexibility, i.e. being able to reduce electricity consumption in periods of power shortage in the electricity grid or increase it in periods when there is a surplus of electricity. As an example, the customer may have the possibility of powering down a cooling system during periods in which operation is not affected and the same cooling system can store the energy if there is a surplus. In the past, the electricity supply would simply have remained constant but, by shutting off power, other consumers can benefit from the energy instead. When there is a shortage of elec-tricity in the grid and Demand Response is activated,, for instance, is not forced to activate an emergency generator, which potentially gets energy from non-renewable sources. The flexibility in Demand Response thus benefits supply stability and the climate because the electricity is utilised optimally. Meanwhile, commercial consumers of electricity receive payment for offering such flexibility, which helps motivate them to take part in a cost-effective and safe accommoda-tion of renewable energy in the electricity system.


Bra Miljöval El

In our subsidiary Energi Försäljning Sverige, customers are given the opportunity to purchase the product Bra Miljöval El, which guarantees that electricity comes from wind power, hydropower or biomass. Bra Miljöval is a Swedish electricity label from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. From 2014 to 2018, Energi Försäljning Sverige has been the electricity supplier that has sold most Bra Miljöval El in Sweden and the figure has increased rapidly over the years. The statement showing the most TWh sold is published one year in arrears and we therefore do not yet know our position for 2019.

Climate Friendly Energy

The Energi Danmark Group’s customers can buy climate friendly energy, also referred to as Guarantees of Origin, produced from wind power, hydropower and biomass. The Energi Danmark Group and the customer thereby help shine a light on the need for renewable energy, while making it attractive to produce more renewable energy. A customer can choose to cover its needs partly or entirely through wind turbines, either from a specific or non- specific turbine. By selecting a specific wind turbine that is less than two years old, the customer actively supports brand new wind turbines and the expansion of renewable energy. It is also possible to cover energy consumption in whole or in part through the purchase of energy from hydropower. The Energi Danmark Group has fixed agreements in place with hydropower plants in Sweden, Norway and Finland to purchase climate friendly electricity. The purchase is documented through certificates.

Interest in covering electricity through wind power, hydropower and biomass has been increasing since 2016. The Energi Danmark Group considers this to be a very positive trend and we therefore also attempt to promote the choice of climate friendly energy among our customers.