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The Energi Danmark Group manages 15,000 metering points in TDC NET’s PPA

When TDC NET receives electricity from four new solar farms in 2023, the Energi Danmark Group will manage the many metering points and ensure clear billing under the PPA.

TDC NET has entered into an electricity purchase agreement with Better Energy for four new solar power plants in Denmark. This means that Denmark’s largest supplier of digital infrastructure is taking a crucial step towards becoming carbon neutral.

To ensure the best possible management and billing under the PPA, TDC has joined forces with the Energi Danmark Group. The Energi Danmark Group will manage and run the billing process for the many metering points, as well as distributing the electricity from the PPA to the points.

We want to make PPA billing as simple as possible for our customers so that they get a clear invoice without any unforeseen costs. We are therefore very pleased that TDC NET has chosen us to ensure transparent billing for their 15,000 metering points.
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark
Mikkel Hauge Jensen, Sales Director at Energi Danmark

PPA billing is often associated with great complexity, where a fixed purchase volume is charged against variable consumption. In addition to this, there is the distribution to the many metering points. In the case of TDC NET, it is a large number of metering points.

The four new solar power plants will be located on Funen and in Jutland, Denmark. In 2023, they will deliver 140 GWh of electricity, which will cover approximately 60% of TDC NET’s consumption.

Mikkel Hauge Jensen
Mikkel Hauge Jensen
Sales Director