Valuable knowledge to customers


Our publications about the energy market provide you with valuable knowledge, allowing you to make the right decisions - both in the short and the long run. Updated market knowledge and thorough analyses form the basis of our counselling and customer service; ensuring that you always make decisions from a holistic perspective.

In our weekly newsletter, Focus, we zoom in on the development on the energy markets during the past week. We also provide recommendations for hedging your energy consumption. Does it look like the prices are going to decrease? Or will the prices increase? Our dedicated specialists give you thorough analyses and insights. The newsletter is delivered every Wednesday in your inbox (in Danish).

Our monthly publication, Monthly Focus, dives deep into the electricity market and brings you analyses of current topics that inpact the energy market. You will find Monthly Focus in My Energy at the beginning of each month. 

With the Electricity Academy, you get a basic introduction to the energy markets as a whole and the mechanisms on the electricity markets. 

There is always new developments, as the electricity and energy markets never sleep. That is why we continuously publish news stories that can be accessed both in our news overview on the website and in My Energy. This ensures you the important information as soon as possible.
Karsten S. Nielsen, Communicative Analyst

Publications in local languages

All publications are issued in the Nordic countries; Focus is published in Danish, English and Swedish while Monthly Focus and the Electricity Academy are issued in local languages across the Nordic region - Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. our daily Morning Report is written only in English.

These publications are important steps in the strategy of being the customer's specialist on the electricity market and provide the best advice to our customers.