About our publications

Our publications about the energy market provide you with valuable knowledge, allowing you to make the right decisions.

Energi Danmark's employees have extensive specialist knowledge within the energy sector and we want you, as a customer, to benefit from this knowledge. We therefore issue weekly and monthly newsletters, in which we focus on relevant topics that are influencing the energy market. We have also published numerous issues of the Electricity Academy, which provides our customers with a thorough introduction to the relationships and mechanisms in the energy market.

Our customers can read all our market news and newsletters in My Energy. It is also possible to subscribe to our weekly newsletter (in Danish) below.

Learn more about the energy market

The Morning Report is issued every morning and provides you with an overview of the direction in which the prices appear to be moving today. We analyse developments in the commodity and energy markets, take a closer look at the latest weather forecasts and provide an analysis of our expectations for the day's prices. The Morning Report is available in My Energy every day and can also be accessed here.

Energi Danmark Focus looks at relevant news about the energy markets, as well as external factors. With Focus you will be equipped to consider the current state of the market through e.g. recommendations, forecasts and "here and now" descriptions. The publications are available to everyone at our website and in My Energy. You can also choose to receive Focus via e-mail. Subscribe below. 

As the energy markets never sleep, developments can happen at any time. We therefore also publish news articles on an ongoing basis and these can be accessed through our news overview as well as via My Energy. This ensures that you have access to essential information as soon as possible after an event has taken place.

Publications in the customer's local language

Monthly Focus is issued across all of the Nordic region in local languages - Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian and the Electricity Academy is also available in these languages. Focus is issued in Danish, English and Swedish, while our daily Morning Report is written in English. These publications are important steps in the strategy on sharing information and providing the correct advice to the Group's customers.

Monthly Focus is an in-depth publication which addresses current subjects and provides the more inquisitive customers with in-depth knowledge of e.g. the impact of political decisions on the carbon emissions allowance price, the hydro-balance, oil prices or the volatile coal and gas markets. The purpose of Monthly Focus is to better equip customers so that it becomes easier to understand the energy market and the many factors that can affect energy prices. The publications are available to all customers in My Energy.

The Electricity Academy is aimed at providing more fundamental knowledge of the energy market to those customers who want it. The Electricity Academy can help you learn more about the fundamental relationships within the energy market and improve your knowledge of the energy market. The Electricity Academy has covered topics such as the spot market, price areas, system forwards, CfDs, nuclear power and the oil market. The Electricity Academy is available to all customers in My Energy.